Stop Demonising the White Man in South Africa

Daniël Lötter | South Africa Today | 2 October 2014

Stop the demonising of the White man in South Africa and own up to your responsibility towards the country!

Knowing oneself and admitting to your own shortcomings is in all probability the most challenging aspect of being human.

To those of us with the inherent incapability of doing so, it is so much easier to distance ourselves from our shortcomings and blame it upon something or someone which operates out of our own sphere of influence.

In the most pathetic case of projection, we even take off the identity of the entity which we blame. It becomes a scenario of: “They” told me … “People” says…and of course the very popular: “White people are…”

Germany 1918

This is nothing new amongst nations. The absolutely dreadful situation of the German population after 1918 created a perfect environment for this. The nation lost it government, the promises of peace and prosperity at Versailles came to nothing, people lost their property, their jobs, their lives…they were unemployed, very very poor and with no hope. And somebody was to blame.

Now we should dispute the fact that the Jews of Europe had a thing or two to answer for, but Adolf Hitler managed to identify a minority of people who refused, for generations, to conform to German society and demonise them as the scapegoat. He used his “Mein Kampf” and his Nürmberg Laws and he made the Jews of Europe into a monster and he convinced the German people, and many others, that this monster had to be destroyed. Thabo Mbeki did exactly the same by branding the White person in this country as “settler”.

A White Holocaust Caused by the Black Man

This is no different from what Black South Africa is doing to White South Africa. Through the hatefilled propaganda of : “You stole our land! You made us into slaves! You keep us poor!” they demonise the White South African into some sort of monster.

Through legislation such as Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action they effectively create a barrier blocking the White minority from active participation in the eco ...

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