Slavery Common in Australia

They are the inferior mud races of Third World countries. Opportunistic economic illegal immigrants who see the White Man’s Nation as a way to get a White woman or to get a White husband and live like kings and queens amongst the slop of their own tribal filth as they take from their White Australian husband or wife and thanks to a government with a death wish for the slightly more predominate tax-paying White Australian population, that very same tax payer has assumed the White Man’s modern burden of ensuring that every mud that lands on these shores gets to see their regal wishes come true.

Or at least, that’s the story put out by Australia’s government, media, mud-loving do-gooders and people smugglers. It’s also the truth for the majority of non-Whites able to reach Australia by whatever nefarious means they are able to utilise, but the truth is vastly different for a growing minority of slaves.

Yes, slavery – which has not existed since the end of the convict White Slaver regime of colonial times – exists in modern Australia. The usual terminology in use today is of sex slavery, labour exploitation and forced marriages. And due to Australia’s reputation as the White Man’s Nation, the common belief is that it is the White Man that is exploiting the inferior mud races for his own advantage. The truth however is not politically correct and so is buried while blameless White Australians consumed with guilt hang their heads in shame as they accept the burden of sorrow for the degenerate behaviour of their Third World imports. For the modern slaver does not have a white face; The modern slaver may have a yellow, brown or black face, but never white. The modern slaver is an immigrant who may have arrived in Australia as an illegal alien given the gift of permanent residency, or an international student that earned that same permanent residency after the successful completion of a hair-dressing course in one of our numerous – no room for Australian students – universities.

It is these successful new Australians that actually live like kings and queens while their own kind live like enslaved rats. And as long as we continue to replace the White population with an inferior species, it cannot be stopped. If the recent history of Britain and Europe has taught us anything, it’s that there will be a tipping point in the scales where the absolute fear of being denounced as a RACIST! will lead to police and government agencies turning a fearful blind eye to this new and already well entrenched modern slavery; a predictable act which itself will lead Australia again to the White Slavery of its origins. As for White children, they become the new sex slaves of the non-White Australian hierarchy.

Slavery Common in Australia

What are you going to do about it White Man? The time to act is now, because soon the only option you will have is to Fight or Die. Expel the foreign invader from our shore now, or prepare your family for death in the inevitable and Bloody Racial War that is to come. RaHoWa!


Australia’s human trafficking crisis: Forced marriage, labour exploitation are rising

The Fear of Being Called a Racist Leads to Children Being Raped,8041.0.html

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