What Is The Matter With Being A Racist ?

From Racial Loyalty Newspaper No.78

In their long and depraved history, the Jews have launched and promoted any number of evil and destructive movements and ideas. To name a few – Judaism, Christianity, Communism, the United Nations, race mixing and the programme of the White Race feeding and subsidizing all the scum and dark races of the world. There are dozens more, such as the French Revolution, but we will not pursue the list of evils that were conceived and promoted by the Jewish network over the last 5000 years.

What Is The Matter With Being A Racist ?

In promoting any and all of these movements their key weapons always have been, and still are, propaganda, lies and deception. The main trick is to hold up false images – make the evil seem good, and make the healthy and salubrious seem evil. An example of the former could be communism, and an example of the latter would well be exemplified of the evil image they have built up about the genius of the greatest leader the White Race has ever had, namely Adolf Hitler. They have used this same technique in selling communism to the Russians and the world, in selling Christianity to the Romans, and race-mixing to the White Race of today. All these ideas and movements were (and are) built on lies being repeated over and over again until the unthinking yokel finally accepts them as being a self-evident truth (such as all men are created equal). They hammer away at the same goddamn set of lies endlessly and relentlessly until they have enough believers to build their evil movements. The technique consists mostly of building up a stable of epithets, which, when once established firmly enough, all the Yids need to do is hurl them at their enemies and no substantiation or argument is further needed. The Christians used this technique, it was used by the Communists, it is used by the race-mixers of today. The Christians built up such epithets as “pagan,” “anti-Christ,” “sinner” and a host of others. Communism’s main target was the word “capitalist” (which would describe any competent man of intelligence and achievement). The source of most of these convoluted ideas originated out of the Jewish New Testament, first conceived by Pharisee Jew Saul of Tarsus. Remember the Sermon on the Mount? Or the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man?

Today we want to more closely examine the word “racist,” a description the Jewish press and network considers as one of the most evil and despicable words in the English language. To be a racist is to be evil per se, and since we Creators openly declare that our race is our religion and we are proud to be racists, according to the Jewish mind-set we are all evil, just as Jewish Christianity deems all people are sinners and automatically evil from the day they were born. “Racist” and “racism” is indeed the Jew’s favourite epithet and they will throw it at anybody and everybody who doesn’t love the negroes and the Jews. In fact, it is also used as a cudgel against any one who is proud to be White. There are a number of flaws in most of the deceptive epithets the Jews have built up to fire mortar shells at their enemies, but none of the flaws are as glaring as their invention of the racist epithet. The most glaring flaw in this whole racist hocus-pocus is the fraudulent and two-faced nature of this hoax. It is great to be racist if the negroes practice it. For instance, Martin Lucifer Koon was a great man (according to the Jewish press) because he was so vociferously pro-negroe. Hitler was the most evil creature that ever lived because he was for his people, the White Race. The Jews are just wonderful people, God’s Chosen, and in fact, because they claim they are pro-Jew and pro-Israel, even though they may be American citizens and never have set foot in Israel, they are, in fact, the most fanatic racists of all. The Arabs are evil racists if they are pro-Arab, but the dumb American Indians are heroes if they are pro-Indian and anti-American, anti-White or anti everything else. And so it goes. Pro-negroe, pro-Jew, pro-dark racism is good racism. Pro-White racism is evil, evil, evil.

Why the double standard? It is so obvious, so inconsistent and contradictory that any simple child can see through it, and unlike most of their clever deceptions, this “racism” epithet, although millions and billions are being spent by the Jewish establishment to promote it, nevertheless, it isn’t selling too well. Although the Jews are using every means at their disposal, television ads, commercial newspaper ads (there is always a negroe in the middle of every clothing ad) and even government enforcement (housing laws, affirmative action and a dozen others), the White people are not buying the race-mixing garbage. Not only is it not selling, it is beginning to backfire and being used as an ever more powerful weapon by the White Race.  The fact is Race is the most prominent and powerful issue in the world today. Never have so many millions of people become as race conscious as they are today, and this is what scares the hell out of the Jews in their present world predicament. The reason the Jews have spent so much time, money and energy (even long before Hitler was ever heard from) to denounce racism is because they themselves are the most fanatically race conscious people in history and they have long realized what a powerful, cohesive force it can be if properly organized. In fact, Judaism is nothing more or nothing less than a pro-Jew racial religion, and it has been and is today the Jews’ religious loyalty to their race that has enabled them to become the world-masters and super-tyrants of mankind that they are today.

They also realize and have realized for centuries that racism inherent in and combined with religion is the most powerful motivator and world-mover of all. That is why (((they))) are scared spitless of Creativity. They realize full well (much more so than the White people) what a powerful and world embracing force is inherent in the White Man’s first totally racial religion, a religion that is clear, consistent, coherent and comprehensive, a religion that is specially designed for the survival, expansion and advancement of Nature’s Finest, Nature’s most intelligent and creative creature in all history. Yes, the Jews have excellent reason to shiver in their boots. Creativity is thoroughly racist, a characteristic of which any man or woman can be intensely proud. I am proud to be a racist. The opposite of a racist is a traitor to their race. A racial traitor in our lexicon is the most despicable and repugnant miscreant in Nature’s realm. Yes. I am proud to be a racist. Anyone who is not, is a racial traitor. So let us march forward under the banner of Creativity, expand and advance the potentials of Nature’s Finest until we have built that Whiter and Brighter World in totality for which mankind has been striving not only for centuries, but for millenniums. In order that we achieve this noble goal we must first expose all the deceptive Jewish shibboleths and epithets and replace them with our own great creative and powerful ideas. It is a war for the minds of men, and especially for the mind of the White Man. It is a war we are winning, a war that will expose and destroy the most vicious and deceptive parasite the world has ever known.