SA Minister for Multicultural Affairs is a Rockspider?

A short joke to begin …

SA Attorney-General and Minister for Multicultural Affairs Michael Atkinson is visiting an elementary school.

After speaking for 15 minutes he says, “I will now answer any questions you have.”

Bobby stands up and says: “I have four questions, sir:

  1. Is it true that there are paedophiles inside the SA government?
  2. What really happened to the Beaumont children?
  3. Why are you using Racial Vilification Law to destroy civil liberties?
  4. Where is the evidence of gas chambers in 1940’s Germany?”

Just then the bell goes off and the kids are sent out to play. Upon returning, Mr. Atkinson says: “I am sorry we were interrupted. I will answer any questions you have.”

A little girl named Julie stands and says: “I have six questions:

  1. Is it true that there are paedophiles inside the SA government?
  2. What happened to the Beaumont children?
  3. Why are you using Racial Vilification Law to destroy civil liberties?
  4. Where is the evidence of gas chambers in 1940’s Germany?
  5. Why did the bell ring twenty minutes early?
  6. Where is Bobby?”

SA Attorney-General investigated by anti-corruption group

ABC News | October 21, 2005

South Australia’s Police Anti-Corruption Branch is being asked to investigate testimony given to the Ashbourne inquiry about the Attorney-General Michael Atkinson.

ALP staffer Gary Lockwood told the inquiry this week that two Labor MP’s for whom he worked were pressured by Mr Atkinson to sack him.

Mr Lockwood was an ally of former Labor MP Ralph Clarke and had spoken to police about the Randall Ashbourne affair.

The State Opposition’s Upper House leader, Rob Lucas, says he wants to know whether Mr Atkinson attempted to interfere in the course of justice.”We’ve said to the anti-corruption branch, hey have a look at these issues,” he said.

“You’re the only ones that can make a judgment as to whether or not under the criminal law Consolidation Act or my legal advice whether there are various common law offences which might relate to this particular issue.”

The Attorney-General has denied threatening any colleagues, or asking them to sack Mr Lockwood.

Today the State Opposition will refer to the Police Anti-Corruption Branch testimony given at the Ashbourne Inquiry, about Mr Atkinson.

Mr Lucas says the file will be passed onto police this afternoon.

“[It will be used] to consider whether or not any criminal offences have been committed by the Attorney-General, and in particular whether Mr Atkinson’s actions in relation to Mr Lockwood constituted in an attempt to interfere in the course of justice.””Essentially that issue can only be resolved by the police.”


No, I do not know if the SA Attorney-General Michael Atkinson is involved in cover-ups of paedophilia within his government. I will leave those with more knowledge of the situation to speculate and decide upon that.

However, what I do know is that if he doesn’t enjoy illegal hardcore pornography, he is at least willing to turn a blind eye to it.

Until some months ago, I owned and operated a website on‘s webserver. It wasn’t much of a site. Just a few megabytes with enough room for a bible and two other religious books. After five years there the Minister for Multicultural Affairs in his role as Attorney-General decided it was verboten thought and got rid of it (not through legal means I might add, just a phonecall from big brother).

As I’ve already explained the circumstances surrounding that issue to a sufficient degree in a previous blog entry, I’ll not bother to repeat myself. Suffice to say; one day I tried to go online and I couldn’t. After a day of arguing with I found out my password had been changed (to duck1) and my website was deleted and locked. denied any knowledge of what was happening. Were their servers hacked or were they just playing dumb?

I left and a few weeks later my old site had returned in a corrupted format. It had become a hardcore pornographic site. So my point is: If the Minister for Multiculturalism was so willing to abuse his powers as Attorney General in taking down a site that although politically incorrect was definitely not criminal, but still did not conform to warped standards dictated to him by the Internationalist Elite, why would he accept it when the site is replaced by hardcore pornography which is definitely illegal within his jurisdiction and supposedly against his oft stated Christian values?

Oh, silly me, I know that answer already. The hardcore pornography was inter-racial; three Black men and a White woman. That is why the Minister for Multicultural Affairs appreciated it so much! Legality and moral values are tossed out the window whenever multiculturalist dogma comes under threat.

I’m just thankful there is not a Minister for Zoology.


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Updated: 3 November 2006 — 00:27