Dr Frederick Toben Sentenced to Three Months Prison

Doctor Frederick Toben of the Adelaide Institute http://adelaideinstitute.org has been sentenced to three months prison for refusing to kowtow to Jewish supremacist “Holocaust” dogma, in which six million Jews were supposedly murdered by various means including cyanide gas, by the Nazis during WWII. He has also won a fourteen day reprieve to file papers for an appeal.

“I’ve mentally prepared myself to go inside for a few weeks or months,” said Doctor Toben.

“Anyone who expresses an opinion should not be silenced because someone else is offended, but my opinions have been criminalised.

“How could I regret having done something in good faith?”

Whether the death of one Jew or twenty million Jews is a holocaust, is for Jewish people to decide. Yet, for them to exaggerate the numbers of Jewish dead by millions, in order to exhort sympathy and extort money from the rest of the world is an insult to history, to German people and to the Jewish people themselves.

In Europe, Canada and Australia, Jewish supremacist groups have convinced lawmakers and judges that those who refuse to believe the myth that the German people deliberately caused the deaths of six million Jews during WWII, and express their lack of belief in public are automatically guilty of a crime in a similar vein to murder.

Believe you me, this is not an overstatement. Jewish supremacist groups often speak of people who “deny the Holocaust” as horrific latter day monsters who intend to exterminate the Jewish race at the first opportunity.

The facts: Six million Jews did not die at the hands of the German people during WWII. The brutal murders of four million Jews at the supposed “Death Camp,” Auschwitz, have since been found to be false. In all, approximately one million people of all races died at Auschwitz. There were no shower-cum-gas chambers. There were no shrunken Jewish heads. There were no lampshades made from human skin. And there were no bars of soap manufactured from the fat of dead Jews. These are facts that have been accepted by historians around the world – but continue to be denied by Jewish supremacists who use these fantastic tales as weapons of mental destruction.

The “Holocaust” is naught but a lie of majestic proportions. Bowing to Jewish supremacists, the Australian Federal Government has decreed that this hoax upon history must be taught to all schoolchildren. This is a veritable rape of innocent minds before they are mature enough to determine what is real and what is false dogma, and it should be stopped.

I do not believe in the “Holocaust” as portrayed by Jewish supremacist groups. I do not believe six million Jews were murdered by the Germans during WWII. At the very best, I determine it to be a Holohoax. If my beliefs are criminal, then lock me up with Doctor Toben. At least I’ll be in good company.

Dr Frederick Toben Sentenced to Three Months Prison
Dr Frederick Toben Sentenced to Three Months Prison
Dr Frederick Toben Sentenced to Three Months Prison
6 million minus 3 million = 6 million?

Q. If the Jews didn’t die, where did they disapear to?
A. Israel, America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Visit Doctor Toben’s website at http://www.adelaideinstitute.org


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