SA Government Raid’s Home – 2006

The following blog entry was originally written in October of 2006 for another blog I wrote on from 2006 until October 1, 2008 (yesterday). The Director of Public Prosecutions did not authorise the police to investigate my case. So I was not charged and the confiscated items were eventually returned in late January of 2008 after two years sitting in the storage room at Major Crime.

Thoughtcrime or Thoughtcriminal? Why do I choose to describe myself as such?

The answer to that is, to put it bluntly, the corrupt state (at the present time I live in the state of South Australia) government along with the assistance of the police and a blatantly SA Government Raid’s Home – 2006dishonest media have all but declared me to be one of the worst criminals in South Australian history for simply uploading some religious books.

“But aren’t religious beliefs protected by law?” you may well ask.

No, religious beliefs are not protected in South Australia.

If I had uploaded the Christian Bible and was treated the same way, there would have been an outcry from Christians not just around the state, but around the world! If I had uploaded the Koran and was treated the same way, there would have been an outcry and threats of violence from Muslim groups and the advocates of free speech. If I had uploaded the Talmud (depending which version I uploaded) I would have had Jewish groups, Christians and advocates of free speech trying to either protect my rights or hang me. Perhaps they’d attempt to do both? The problem is I uploaded the Holy Books of possibly the most maligned religion in modern history, Creativity.

As I am currently under investigation by the Director of Public Prosecutions for breach of Racial Vilification Laws, I will not be going into any great detail about Creativity, so what exactly is Creativity?

Creativity is a religious creed ….

  1. Dedicated to the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race.
  2. Based on the Laws of Nature, on the Experience of History, on Logic and Common Sense.
  3. Our Four Dimensional Program: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment.
  4. Our Goal: Building a Whiter and Brighter World.

I would be willing to bet that Dedicated to the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. has already caused many readers to declare that I am a “racist,” a “Nazi,” or a “hater,” and that if they haven’t already closed this page, they are only hanging around to try and gather evidence to have this site shut down.

So much for free speech.

Well have I got some news for you. This site is not about Creativity or race. [EDIT: That site wasn’t about Creativity THEN-2006, but this site is about Creativity NOW-2008.] Even though Creativity is still my religion of choice – ie, I remain a Creator. (For more information about Creativity, visit the Creativity Alliance website at This site is in fact about the lack of freedom of speech for anyone the Internationalist Elite and their tightly controlled governments have decided they don’t want to hear. In my case, I am still under investigation by the SA Director of Public Prosecutions. The claim is that I committed the crime of Racial Vilification by uploading the holy books of Creativity. As of this date, my home was raided approximately seven months [EDIT: two years] ago by South Australia’s police/Political Police/Thought Police. Two computers, a thumb-drive and federal tax records were seized as evidence. The detective in charge, a DSC Minchenberg, informed me he would recommend I be charged with Racial Vilification. Seven months [EDIT: two years] and still no charges.

Why is that?

Could it be that uploading a religious book to the internet that tells people to obey the law is not illegal? Could it be that it’s only the Internationalist Elite and it’s controlled media’s deliberately dishonest interpretations and selective quotes from Creativity’s holy books are all that corrupt politicians are relying on?

As I am not one ever liable to be termed an advocate for multiculturalism, it is not surprising that the South Australian Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Michael Atkinson would want to take a stab at me. I guess you could say that I’m just not his cup of tea.

“Big deal Mr Minister for Multicultural Affairs. You got your political scoring points in the month prior to your petty state election. But you couldn’t end it there could you?”

The Minister for Multicultural Affairs is of course also the Attorney General. Under South Australian law he has the power to order the police to smash their way into a person’s home, seizing anything that they wish to take as evidence of alleged criminal action.

In reality, Racial Vilification laws are used as a tool for the government to search the homes of innocent people who happen to be opponents of their fanatical multicultural ideals, in hopes of finding evidence of criminal conspiracy.

In my case, they were looking for drugs and weapons – of course they found none. After a huddled conversation outside, the police returned and DSC Minchenberg declared they were taking my computers.

They then tried to force me to admit, on camera, that The Turner Diaries is one of our holy books. The question was preposterous and of course I denied it. The Turner Diaries is nothing more than a work of fiction by Dr William Pierce. What next I wondered, were they going to try to get me to admit Pierre Boulle’s Planet of the Apes, Heinlein’s The Day After Tomorrow (I recommend that one), or perhaps The Prophesies of Nostradamus as a prescription for a race war?

SA Government Raid’s Home – 2006To cut a long story short, the Minister for Multiculturalism in his guise as Attorney General has publicly labeled me (in radio and print media) as an insane, potentially violent criminal. Yet not only due to lack of evidence on their behalf, but lack of criminal action on my own behalf, I have as not as yet been charged.

So, the time has now come that anyone peacefully fighting back against the Internationalist Elite and their controlled government’s policy of disinformation is now a (thought) criminal.

Welcome to the Orwellian nightmare.


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Update, October 2008:

As you know, sometime in late January of 2008, I finally got my computers, tax records and flash drive back from the political police. So what did the state government actually accomplish with their little raid? In a word, NOTHING! Yes I was screwed around for a while and had to resort to older, almost redundant computers to continue – but continue I did. It also made things a little difficult in the IT course I was doing at the time – possibly another reason why DSC Minchenberg decided to take them (people such as Minchenberg have no liking for an intelligent or successful “racist”).

What happened to WCOTR? Were you all raided by the police? Did the government force you to close down?

Yes, many of us were visited and raided by the police. No the government had no part in closing WCOTR. The WCOTR evolved and in time became the Creativity Alliance.

The Creativity Alliance? The Creativity Alliance is about Creators working together to promote our religion – Creativity. Just like any other religious or politically minded group of people, we are a community, we have our Churches, we have our organisation and we as a group, are not part of the so-called White Pride “Movement.” There is a cause for White Pride, but do not confuse the Cause with the so-called “Movement.”

White Pride World Wide!


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