Rothschild Money Power

Rothschild Money Power

We now come full circle as to who and what caused the Civil War and culminated in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. In this whole treacherous and catastrophic series of events, let me assure you, that freeing of the slaves was never the real and underlying issue. The issue was two fold – money and race. Both of these issues are the primary domain of the Jewish cabal and have been for at least three thousand years. The Jewish focus on money and power therefore did not start with the Rothschild family dynasty, but it did reach new heights with their dominance. Mayer Amschel, the founder of the dynasty, was born in 1743 in Frankfurt-am-Main. He was a dealer in junk, antiques and old coins. He was a shrewd operator and soon became the financial agent to the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel during the French Revolutionary wars. He had a large family of 20 children. Of these, ten survived to adulthood, five of which were sons. The Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel was the same fellow that engaged in renting out his subjects (young soldiers) to America in the Revolutionary War and was making a fortune in supplying Hessian mercenaries to fight on the American side. All this money also went through Mayer Amshel’s slimy hands and he was quick to divert it to his own coffers and multiply it prodigiously. He went into banking. He had discovered that magic swindle now called fractional reserve, that process whereby you lend money out at interest on script, against gold you do not have, on the premise that only a fraction of your customers will come to call on the gold. (See C.C. 40 in The White Man’s Bible “The Federal Reserve.”) Anyway, crafty Jew Amschel prospered by leaps and bounds. His basic working motto was “Give me the power to issue the Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” He soon set up his five sons as central bankers in the five main financial capitals of Europe, namely London, England; Paris, France; Vienna, Austria; Naples, Italy; and the aforementioned Frankfurt to cover Germany.

During the Napoleonic Wars the five boys were extremely busy lending money not only to both sides, but to all sides. They pulled off their biggest coup after the Battle of Waterloo, where they had couriers and/or carrier pigeons to speedily relay the results of that fateful battle back to England, and, through this crafty device were the first in England to know the outcome of that history making battle. However, being privy to this kind of “insider information,” they quickly started stock buying sprees which worked to their favour. The word spread like wildfire that Napoleon had won and panic hit the British stock exchange. The Rothschilds had made a fantastic killing, once again using the Jewish ruse of lies, deception, and insider information. Like trained seals, the British merchants took it lying down, and let these scurvy thieves get away with it. There are many other fast deals that the Rothschilds manipulated on a national scale, such as the Suez Canal stock shares, and a host of others. Most of our readers are also aware of the double-dealing, latter day Rothschild cohorts, the Warburgs. During World War I while Paul Warburg was advising president Wilson how to starve Germany into surrender, his brother Max was in Germany advising Kaiser Wilhelm on how to decimate the U.S., but let us focus back on the Civil War.

The Rothschilds and the Jews saw the new nation of the United States of America as a huge potential gold mine and they lost no time establishing themselves and getting their financial tentacles firmly entrenched in the new land of milk and honey. In the first place, the Jews were the foremost promoters and traders in black gold – trading in black slaves imported from Africa. They had a twofold purpose in the slave trade : first, to make huge fortunes from the slave trade itself. Secondly, polluting this new land with the genes of the black African negroe. They could utilize this tactic later to ruin the U.S. as they did Egypt 3000 years ago and have done to several other countries since then. They had gathered a wealth of experience in the trading of slaves and in the poisoning of the gene pools of White nations. Having shipped vast numbers of black slaves into America at a huge profit, they simultaneously began to lay the guilt complex on the White Americans at large. This Achilles’ heel of the White Race they exploited and fomented with a vengeance. When they then found a Lincoln to act as their front piece and to lead the new nation in a divisive, fratricidal war, the Rothschild network was more than ready – ready to again finance both sides of a war they themselves had been instrumental in instigating. On the Union side they had August Belmont (real name – Schoenberg), a racial cohort, as their agent to supply the North with money (at interest, of course). On the Confederate side they had Judah P. Benjamin to supply the South with printed Confederate notes, the value of which rapidly dwindled into the nothingness from whence it came when the South lost the war. But the Rothschild dynasty made out like the bandits they were and cleaned up beautifully on both sides. Furthermore, their tentacles did not relax after the war was over. In fact, so deep in debt were both sides after the war that these slimy Jewish parasites have been making a killing from that debacle (and several ensuing debacles) ever since.

To illustrate how deeply involved the Jewish House of Rothschild was in plotting and instigating the Civil War, and how arrogantly sure they were of their scam, I refer the reader back to page one and the opening, boastful toast of Rothschild crony, Benjamin Disraeli. Could the picture be more lucid as to who and what caused the Civil War ? The Jews found Abraham Lincoln a useful patsy in a war that they, the Jews, had carefully planned and fomented for decades in advance. When Lincoln had served his time and their purpose, they just as meticulously planned his murder and the ensuing cover-up. We, the White Race, are still paying an outrageously high price for this perfidy, and unless we soon get ourselves organized and expunge these deadly parasites from our midst, our future progeny will be totally mongrelized, totally enslaved. Twenty years hence, your children will ask : Dad, Mother, where were you when the Jews and the nigroes took over this country ? How will you answer them ?

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