Operation Judah USA

Operation Judah USA

The United States of America today has a unique position in the world that has not been equalled by any other country, or empire for that matter, in the history of the world. The productive and creative abilities of the White American worker and taxpayer, combined with the technical advancement and the vast physical resources of its land areas from the Atlantic to the Pacific, are awesome indeed. Never, in all history, has any people had the wonderful opportunity to be healthy and wealthy, happy and prosperous, as did America in the latter half of the twentieth century. Indeed, immediately following its victorious conclusion of World War II in 1945, America stood on top of the world, supreme and unchallenged, the envy and hope of all the world.

Unfortunately, whereas nearly the entire outside world realized this, our most enviable position in history, the average White American did not. Nor did many White Americans realize that the same Jewish parasite which had euchred America into this disastrous worldwide slaughter of WW II in the first place was in control of the destiny of America, and, in fact, of the world, as it has been for centuries. Nor did White America realize that this vicious Jewish parasite would soon turn its destructive invective on the productive and creative White American who had just saved the neck of this treacherous plague from being wiped off the face of the earth. Because White America was not aware of either its racial identity, nor its great fortune, it stood naked and defenseless against the conspiratorial Jewish network, which was soon determined to take away from America both its racial identity and its great good fortune. Because the average White American was asleep at the switch, because of his own naivete and his own stupidity, because he allowed himself to be snookered into a worldwide conflict against his own best interests, in which he killed his own White Racial Comrades. The White Man is today paying dearly for that insane dereliction. Because of it, he has now lost all. He has lost his liberty, his unique opportunity of enjoying both wealth and abundance, and soon he will be stripped of his racial integrity as well. Even before the disastrous and insane world conflict of 1939-45 was over, the treacherous and conniving Jew was already laying worldwide plans of how he was going to rob White America of its wealth and turn it over to the incompetent dark races of the world; how he would rob America of its honour and identity; and how he would pull down the affluent White American worker until he was reduced to the rank of a miserable coolie, carrying all the scum, the parasites, and freeloaders of the world on his back. Not only did the diabolical Jew plan to do all this to the productive White American, but he also planned to rob and destroy the White gene pool, contaminate it on a worldwide basis to that of a filthy slop pall, and eagerly looked forward to the day when no more White babies would be born.

How did the otherwise intelligent, creative and productive White American get into such a predicament ? How could such a monstrosity go on for more than seventy years without the victims becoming aware of it ? How does it happen that the average White American even today doesn’t realize he has been robbed, swindled, bamboozled and led to the slaughterhouse ? It is a fascinating, yes, frightening question and we will try to unravel it, step by step. Whereas the Jewish plan to destroy the White Race has been an ongoing conspiracy for the last several thousand years, It really picked up a major boost and tremendous momentum in the last seventy years. We must remember that it was carefully planned, and each major step was accomplished by perpetrating a monstrous hoax upon the White Man, which the latter either embraced, or at least passively accepted, thereby endorsing it through acquiescence.

Step 1 – World War II
We start with the year 1939 when the Jews managed to inveigle all the White Races of the world into a major bloodletting contest in which one group of White men killed another group of White men, when they should all have been on the same team neutralizing the Jew, instead of each other. This the Jew accomplished by means of (a) a relentless and vicious program of propaganda against Hitler and the Germans, persuading America and the world that Hitler was a demon, a madman, a dictator who wanted to conquer the world, and (b) having their (the Jew’s) stooges in the nerve centers of government, such traitors as Roosevelt, Churchill and others, in practically every “democratic” country in the world, ready to pull the levers of power and declare war. Through World War II the Jews managed to kill at least fifty million people for no other reason than to advance their own interests. At least 90 percent of those fifty million victims were White, and most of those were the manhood of the White nations in the prime of their lives. By means of this wholesale, bloody, worldwide slaughter, the Jews achieved the biggest breakthrough in their history and set the stage for subsequent perfidious programs on a worldwide basis. But let us here concentrate on America.

Step 2 – Subsidize The World
Many realistic military men, such as General Patton and other White leaders of foresight, declared that we were in an excellent position to destroy Communism. We could have finished that job in 1945 and went straight on to Moscow and cleaned out that foul nest of vipers. However, the Jews were firmly in the saddle, and would have none of that. They surreptitiously killed such men as Patton, and silenced others into oblivion. The propaganda machine went into full swing and spread the idea that it was now America’s beholden duty to rebuild a torn and impoverished world, a world we had helped smash into rubble in the first place. One of the key arguments of the time, as I (Ben Klassen) remember back some sixty years ago was America cannot survive as an island of prosperity in a worldwide sea of poverty. It was a stupid argument if there ever was one, but evidently the American people accepted it, or at least made no great effort to oppose it or expose it. This laid the groundwork for the next major hoax that was perpetrated on the American people, namely that Communism was now the major threat to America, since it was making gigantic strides and taking over eastern Europe, China and elsewhere in the world. Of course, we were told, we could not stop it by means of military action as we did in the case of Hitler and the Nazis. Instead, we were told, we had to subsidize all those countries threatened : Greece, Italy, France, Mexico, a multitude of countries in South America, and many more. The Marshall Plan was instituted, and in a few years Uncle Sam became the Santa Claus of the world, dispensing aid and largesse to all the freeloaders of the world; all at the expense of the unlucky taxpayers of the United States. Once started, this program kept on mushrooming until today we are giving aid and substance to 143 countries throughout the world.

Let us back up a moment here and re-examine the fallacious premises on which this endless giveaway program is based : (a) We cannot survive as an island of prosperity in a sea of poverty. Wrong. America built itself up into a great and wealthy nation by its own sweat and hard labor, not by giving it all away to the freeloaders and the scum of the world. We never owed the world a living, do not owe it today, and never will. Our best protection was and is to build up our own strength and prosperity. We sure as hell have not bettered our position any by subsidizing all the scum of the world, expanding their numbers, and squandering, proliferating and draining our own resources. (b) The Communist Expansion. I have fully answered this in an article I (Ben Klassen) wrote more than thirty years ago, entitled “Russia, Israel and the United States.” It is part of the White Man’s Bible, being C.C. No. 38. In it I (Ben Klassen) lay out explicitly how the United States, under the domination of the worldwide Jewish network, has been instrumental in helping the Jews in Russia depose the Romanov dynasty and set up a Communist dictatorship; how the United States has helped to save that tottering dictatorship time after time when it was on the verge of collapsing; that it is doing so today; that they saved its neck during WW II when Hitler had the means and the determination to wipe the Communist plague from the face of the earth; that Communism is a Jewish plague from its inception; and that America’s apparent opposition to Jewish Communism is a hoax and a fraud. Instead, Russia and the United States are, and have been for several decades, working hand in glove, promoting Communism throughout the world as part of the Jewish program to take over and enslave the world under the brutal dictatorship of the Jew. (Read again C.C. No. 38 in the White Man’s Bible.) But let us proceed to the next several fraudulent maneuvers.

Step 3 – The Civil Rights Movement
Whereas since its inception with the successful conclusion of the American Revolution in 1781, America had always regarded itself a White Man’s domain, after World War II the Jews put into high gear their ago-old program of how to destroy the White gene pool and mongrelize it into oblivion. Although the Civil War was supposedly fought to “free” the black African slaves on our soil, the White Man never did regard the negroe as his equal. Several farsighted Americans such as Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Marcus Garvey (a mulatto), Senator Theodore Bilbo and others realized the problem and tried to take far-reaching measures to expunge them from out society (See R.L. No. 42, “Survival, Expansion and Advancement.”) The treacherous, wily Jew, however, who controlled our destiny and pulled the strings from behind the scenes, knew exactly what he was doing and thwarted any and all such constructive plans and programs, and was patiently biding his time. His time came in the 1950’s and 1960’s when the Jew plunged the United States into hysteria with his Civil Rights program. Suddenly it seemed that the African could do nothing wrong, and the White Man was the villain and the culprit, and everything he did was wrong and had been for centuries. The Jew, with almost unchallenged control of the news media and other propaganda machinery, continued to pour it on, and laid a heavy guilt complex on the White Man, not only in America, but anywhere and everywhere in the world. Whereas the heavy or villain in the movies of the past had been a Mexican, a mulatto or an Asian, now the negroe is always portrayed as the wrongfully accused hero, and the White Man the villain. In fact, suddenly it seemed that the White Man, who had been unchallenged as the builder of civilization, of culture and learning, now was responsible for all the ills of the world. Not only responsible, but owed compensation to all the world, especially the backward dark races, who were now portrayed as the “emerging” third world. The way the Jew told it, everybody was now equal (hadn’t the Judeo-Christians been spouting this garbage for nearly 2000 years ?) and the only reason why the Hottentots and the Australian aborigines weren’t as advanced as we were was because the White Man had oppressed them and kept them down.

This, the Jew kept screaming, applied especially to negroes here in our midst, and it was our Christian and civil duty to rapidly raise them to our level, financially, culturally, politically and in the field of education. It was our beholden duty to institute a crash programme and make them equal as quickly as possible. If it didn’t happen soon by just giving them an equal opportunity to become equal then the government should (must !) institute programs such as Affirmative Action, “minority” quotas, special educational programs, special subsidization programs, etc., etc., whatever it took, to force feed the programs and subsidize these backward negroes until they would become equal. One of the first demonstrations of brutal, strong-arm force came in 1957 in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the breakthrough in forced school integration. Eisenhower, one of the sorriest of the Jewish stooges to become president, deployed massive military force in and around the school to help a few carefully chosen negroes get into an all White high school. All this was in violent opposition to the wishes and opinions of the White people who had helped elect him, and who also paid the bill for this abortive outrage. But with the Jewish propaganda machine backing him up, this despicable race traitor, long in the employ of the Jews, made it stick. The White population was confused, disorganized and leaderless.

This blatant outrage against the White Race was relentlessly pursued by the next administration, the Kennedy boys, when another strong arm military action was instituted in Oxford, Mississippi, when “our” (read : J.O.G., the Jewish Occupational Government) used 20,000 military troops at tremendous taxpayers’ expense, to get one negroe, James Meredith, enrolled in the formerly all White University of Mississippi. But it was a time when the Jews wanted more. They wanted to make it a crime for the White Race to not mix with the negroes in all walks of life, and a sinister set of so-called Civil Rights laws were introduced by “our” Jew-catering congressmen. When the public began to become conscious of what was going on and vigorously opposed not only congress but also began to flagrantly ridicule the Kennedy administration, it seemed the Jews were stymied, and the laws did not pass. What to do ? The Jews had the answer. Assassinate Kennedy and make him a martyr and a hero. The ruse worked, although it has kept the conspiracy madly scrambling to this day covering their tracks. (See R.L. No. 46 “Who Killed Kennedy ?”) The White American public suddenly felt a heavy guilt complex laid upon them, and when the next Jewish stooge, Lyndon Johnson succeeded Kennedy as president, he played his hand to the full. He and congress now rushed through one complex set of “civil rights” laws after another, with very little opposition from the White point of view. Soon the negroe was supreme, and the former masters became slaves of their one-time slaves. The White Man’s most precious possession, his children were now loaded into yellow buses and transported a dozen miles across town into the negroe areas, and the negroe, on the other hand, were transported into the White schools and neighbourhoods.

Race-mixing now became the official religion of the governmental administration and its concomitant and all-pervasive propaganda network, all of which were manipulated by Jews. This extended into all fields and embraced not only the schools and education but also into housing and racially mixed neighbourhoods, into government, jobs, business contracts and every other field of endeavor. Where jobs and business contracts were formerly decided on a merit basis, such criteria were now thrown overboard and a gimmick called Affirmative Action was put in its place. This meant a government department, or a business employer, or a school, university or whatever, had to give preference to the negroe (or other “minorities” such as “Hispanics”) to come up with a certain percentage of warm bodies whether such bodies were competent or not. This type of reverse discrimination was supposedly instituted to make up for “past wrongs,” whether the employer (or whoever) had any part in such past wrongs, or whether such wrongs had actually even occurred. The idea was, favour the negroes, at whatever the cost, and pull down Whitey. We were all to be, oh, so equal, but the negroe and the Jews were to be more equal than anybody. This goes right back to the fraudulent posture incorporated in the Jewish-Christian bible, that we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord except the Jews, who are far more equal than anybody. And so the negroe were pushed forward and the Whites pushed back. Big business and its advertisers collaborated one hundred percent. Every ad that was now shown on television, or elsewhere, always promoted happy race-mixing. Each ad showed at least one “equal” negroe in the middle of the picture, with the oh, so happy Whites surrounding him/her.

Step 4 – Wide Open Borders
Not only were the native-born negroes and Hispanics amply encouraged by an overly generous welfare system to freeload and breed while the White taxpayer footed the bill, but the official line of our Jewish Occupational Government (JOG) now was that we must take care of all the “refugees” in the world, and give “sanctuary” to those who were fleeing their tyrannical governments, wherever in the world they may be. Since most governments in the world, (thanks to Jewish manipulation) are not only tyrannical but also hopelessly corrupt, just about anybody could claim they were fleeing political oppression. In fact, our own JOG outfit also very much falls into the category of being hopelessly corrupt and tyrannical, but thanks to the productive and constructive White people who built this country and still inhabit it, undoubtedly it is still the favourite magnet of just about 95 percent of all the dark people of the world. In their diabolical programme of genocide for the White Race, the Jew determined that after World War II no country should remain White for long. On various pretexts the dark races were now rapidly injected into every White country in the world. Moluccans into Holland; Turks into Germany; Algerians into France; Hindus, Pakistanians and all breeds of negroes into Britain (once Great Britain, but no longer) and so on down the line. But we are here dealing with the United States, and the means the Jews utilized to bring down and destroy this once most affluent and prosperous country in history. Whom could the Jews inject into the United States ? The list is almost endless. On our 1900-mile-long southern border are unlimited hordes of poverty ridden Mexicans breeding like rabbits, all eager to come into the United States. And coming they are, by the millions and more millions. Whereas our government officials are sworn to defend our Constitution and the United States, they are doing neither. At best the Constitution is now used as a gimmick to dole favouritism to the dark races, aliens and other enemies. It is also used as a double-edged sword with which to rob and suppress the best and most productive elements of this country – the White people who built it all and produce the abundance that feeds much of the world. Not only are our borders now wide open to the Mexicans, but to all the other scum and riffraff of the world. The Vietnamese are here in huge numbers, some have taken over whole cities; the Pakis are here; the Haitians are here; the Jamaicans are here and expanding; the Chinese are here and coming in increasing numbers; the Japs have taken over Hawaii, and are building large automobile factories and buying up choice commercial real estate; the Cubans have taken over South Florida.

Ah yes, the Cubans. Thereby hangs another vast story of perfidy of how our JOG outfit has manipulated, infiltrated and destroyed just about every country in the world. The modus operandi goes something like this : (a) First of all we offer a country foreign aid, which is sent to the head of its government, presumably for distribution to the needy and poverty ridden, or to build up its resources. (b) Most of such money, however, is funneled away into the private bank accounts of its dictators, who become tremendously wealthy, arrogant and obnoxious, creating hatred and opposition from their rebellious people. Examples of such are too numerous to list, but to mention a few : the Shah of Iran; “Papa Doc” Duvalier and his son in Haiti; the Diem brothers in Vietnam; Ferdinand E. Marcos and his expensive wife of the Philippines; Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua, Fulgencio Batista of Cuba. There are dozens more that could be listed. To help stir up revolution and unrest, our JOG establishment sends in the CIA to organize revolution and civil war against these arrogant and spendthrift tyrants. Financed with American taxpayers’ money, these revolutionary outfits soon have arms, uniforms and organization, surreptitiously led and directed by our own CIA. The situation in Nicaragua is a perfect example. First we supported and financed Somoza. Then the CIA helped organize the Sandinistas to drive out Somoza. Then things got even worse, much worse. The CIA then abruptly switched horses and organized the Contras to drive out the Sandinista government, and soon the Reagan administration was giving aid and bankrolling the Contras to the tune of hundreds of millions. How stupid can you get ? The same M.O. was followed in Jamaica, in Cuba, in the Philippines, in Panama, in South Korea and in dozens of other countries around the world. Nothing but revolution, anarchy and mayhem; all instigated, organized and bankrolled by our Jewish government; all at the expense of the White American taxpayer whose future they are thereby undermining and destroying.

Step 5 – Export Our Industries Into The Slave Labour And Coolie Areas Of The world
Whereas the United States had an overwhelming monopoly on technology, manufacturing and production facilities after World War II, it has now given it all away gratis, and the same Jews who own (and owned) our manufacturing enterprises then and now have, in fact, moved them away into the cheap labour areas of the world dark countries like Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan, especially Japan. We have shown and taught them the technology, initially financed and set up their factories, and then put them in competition with our own workers at coolie wages. There is a two way benefit in this for the Jews. Being internationalists and not giving a tinker’s damn about America, they reap the added profits, and at the same time pull down the White American economy by (a) throwing millions of American workers into the unemployment lines and on the welfare rolls, and (b) piling up huge trade deficits because of the goods we import from these dark countries, goods we could and should be making ourselves. Thus, through Jewish treachery and manipulation we end up deeper in debt, our productive facilities jeopardized and the White American worker unemployed and/or impoverished.

Sundry Additional Programs Pursued by JOG to Destroy White America : So far I have detailed five basic steps and programs by which the Jews have reduced our once powerful and affluent White American society into one of weakness, confusion, dependency and servile slavery to the Jewish monster. But the foregoing list is far from complete, and this complex conspiracy cannot be encompassed in this short analysis. However, to further clarify the picture, we must briefly list some of the other key tools and weapons the Jews have used, and are continuing to use to destroy us.

(a) Undoubtedly, the Federal Reserve System, that gigantic Jewish counterfeiting ring, must rank at the top of the list. Although already inaugurated shortly before World War I (1913) and fraudulently being represented as an official U.S. governmental agency, it set America up as a patsy for both world wars. Since I have already gone into some detail on this gigantic Jewish scam in C.C. 40 of the White Man’s Bible, I will not repeat it here.

(b) The World Bank. Although supposedly international, it is predominantly funded by American taxpayer money. It is an open account and a blank check for the Yids to squander our goods, money and substance to all the freeloading dark countries of the world, without having to account for its expenditures in the governmental budget.

(c) American banks extending huge unsecured loans to dark countries like Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, to name a few, but the list is endless. These loans run into not only millions, but hundreds of billions (Mexico’s debt alone is over one hundred billion) and there is no hope or expectation that the principal will ever be repaid. In fact, in order to induce some of these countries to pay even so much as the interest, these financial idiots extend new loans. How stupid can you get ? Or is this simply a matter of stupidity ? Hardly. Whereas these same bankers are hard-nosed as flint when it come to foreclosing on American farmers and homeowners, they act as if they were inadvertently caught napping with their pants down when it comes to such huge loans to foreign dark countries. Actually it was all planned and a deliberate Jewish policy, having conspired in advance that the White American taxpayers are going to pay the tab (as usual) and bail out the banks.

(d) And last but not least, there is that god-damned parasite of Israel on our back, killing Arabs, bashing their heads and breaking bones to the tune of more than three and a half billion in financial support from Uncle Sam, alienating the whole Moslem world and making us look like the stupid Jewish stooges we are, in the eyes of the world.

There is more, much more, but the foregoing presents a fairly rounded picture of the mess we are in and who did it to us. The next cogent question is : what do we do about it and how do we get out of this miserable mess ? The solution is not easy, but the answer is fairly simple, when we ask a few basic questions.

(1) How did this small, miserable, parasitic minority get such a powerful stranglehold on the world in general and America in particular ? The answer is they did it through their racial religion, Judaism. They practiced Racial Loyalty, and feverishly organized powerful networks and tentacles around this religious core, until now they have the world in their grip.

(2) Can the White Race, which outnumbers the Jews 30 to 1, and has a virtual monopoly on intelligence, fighting ability and creativity, not employ the same powerful weapons, racial loyalty and a racial religion ?

Yes, we can, and we must. The Church of Creativity has organized and structured a powerful, comprehensive and full-fledged racial religion designed for the redemption and resurrection of the White Race and the White Race alone, in it lies a complete and detailed creed and programme with which to smash the Jewish monster once and for all. At the heart and core of this religion is the same ingredient that fueled Judaism – Racial Loyalty. It is time we stop bickering about fragmentary, makeshift and half-baked issues, such as should we slice up the United States into dozens of small bits and keep a fragment of it on the west coast, or in the northwest, or the southeast. To give up any land for which our forefathers fought and bled, for which they sacrificed blood, sweat and tears, would be sheer madness, not to mention cowardly treason. We say to hell with all that nonsense. We Creators will not give up one inch of our territory. On the contrary, we must rally our forces and our resources on a worldwide basis and win the world. We will not compromise. It will most definitely be all or nothing for the White Race, I can assure you. And it must happen right here, in the last powerful bastion of the White Race – in the United States of America. Join with us in Creativity – your only hope for a Whiter and Brighter World. Commit yourself. Dedicate your mind, your heart and your future to the greatest and most important cause in our history.

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