About The American Civil War

There are some further observations I (Ben Klassen) want to make about the so-called Civil War, which was not a civil war at all, but more correctly a war between one group of American states (the North, or the Union) and another group of American states (the South, or Confederate States) In a war of secession (the latter from the former). In so doing, I may not have any new information to offer, except for one important point that historians have chosen to ignore, and that is this : viewing that war from the point of view that the real power behind it was the Jewish money power – the whole worldwide Jewish network. To ignore such (because of “fear of the Jews”) throws an altogether different light on world events and is, in fact, an aberration and a gigantic distortion of history. As I have stated on numerous occasions previously, the only wars that America has fought that were of any benefit to the White Race were of two categories. The first was the war against Mexico between 1846 and 1848. The second category consists of the numerous battles, wars and skirmishes against the savage Indians which flared up, off and on, for approximately three centuries. In the first case, the Mexican War, which was ably planned and successfully carried through by our outstanding eleventh President, James Knox Polk, we gained a major third of our land area for the benefit of the White Race. True, it was a racial war, in which the White Anglo-Saxon Race was pitted against the more numerous mongrelized Mexicans. The White Man won that war hands down, much to the glory and benefit of our brave and competent forefathers. Although spread out over a much wider period of time and circumstances, the results of the numerous Indian skirmishes was the same. We conquered a continent and a massive new territory and held it by force. We settled it, developed that territory and built a great nation. Of this we can be tremendously proud.

We cannot say the same about any of the other wars into which the United States has been treacherously inveigled. We derived no benefit from the Vietnam War, not from World I or II, nor even from the American Revolution, which, had it not been for the Bank of England and Jewish money power, need never have been fought at all. But of all the bloody and costly wars into which the White people of the United States have been snookered, none was as stupid, as bloody, as destructive and as unnecessary as was the massacre between the States in the era of 1861-1865. As most of the destructive wars into which the White Man has been ensnared and swindled, the so-called Civil War was a Jewish operation from beginning to end. For more than forty years the Jews used the slavery issue as an emotional and “moral” issue to stir up intensive hatred and dissention. By cleverly manipulating their propaganda machinery (in which Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a major tool) the stage was thoroughly set by the time Lincoln became president. The results, as all the world now knows, were devastating, especially for the South. In terms of slaughtering the prime manhood of the North, and again, especially of the South, in terms of men maimed and crippled, in terms of property wantonly burned and destroyed, no other war in our history can equal the punishment inflicted on the then young and emerging nation. Nor was that legacy of hate and destruction to the White Race ever absolved or redeemed. We are today reaping the whirlwind of that horrible blunder made by our forefathers when they allowed the Jews to inveigle them into that catastrophic and fratricidal war. As never before, because of it, we, the White Race, are now faced with total mongrelization, and, for all practical purposes, are facing a fate worse than genocide, worse than death. It was all planned that way, and the Jewish money power, the Rothschild dynasty in particular, not only planned it, but bragged about it years before the event. There is one further intriguing question that arises from this whole gruesome and tragic catastrophe. Since the Jews planned the whole operation, the war, its outcome, the Lincoln murder and its subsequent cover-up, the vicious raping and destruction of the South, the question is – what was Lincoln’s conscious role in this whole affair? Since he was the central figure in this fratricidal war, was he a willing collaborator in conspiracy with the Jews, or was he a dumb patsy used by the Jews, or was he partly both ?

Lincoln was not the great man that subsequent history has made him out to be, just as Kennedy was not the heroic idol he is now being portrayed. There is a saying that some men are born to greatness, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Lincoln definitely falls into the latter category. Lincoln was an enigma in his time, and remains as such even today. He was a shrewd politician, somewhat of a not-too-intelligent backwoods lawyer and country bumpkin, but sharp enough to be able to manipulate people and use his homespun homilies and anecdotes in order to make his points. This he did effectively, as a good politician should. Also, he had a big ego and a fierce determination to win. He did not create the furor about the slavery issue. The Jews had been working on that for some forty years, and when his opportunity came, Lincoln was shrewd enough to capitalize on it as a crafty politician should. He probably did feel that it was an important moral issue that he would like to rectify, if he could. I do not believe that he knowingly collaborated with the Jews when he became president but rather the Jews saw in him a useful tool for furthering their cause and consequently used and promoted him. In American Jewry and the Civil War, the Jewish author Bertram W. Korn says, “One of the most enigmatic intimates of President Lincoln during the war was Isachar Zacharie, an obscure British-born physician and chiropodist, who, according to the New York World, enjoyed Mr. Lincoln’s confidence perhaps more than any other private individual – (and was) perhaps the most favoured family visitor in the White House.” Undoubtedly, the Jews used Zacharie as a conduit to manipulate Lincoln to do their bidding whenever necessary, but Lincoln was committed and obsessed to wage and win the war, and did not need too much prompting. Although I do not profess to be a mind reader, I believe that Lincoln entered the presidency more or less ignorant and unaware of the Jewish money power. However, once president, somewhere along the line he did become aware of it, and it frightened him. He is quoted as saying something to the effect that he saw dark and sinister forces gathering on the horizon and he feared for his country. If the United States were ever destroyed it would be destroyed not by an outside enemy, but from within. Without a doubt, confronted with grim reality, he had become aware of the “hidden hand” of Jewish money power.

(Racial Loyalty)

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