More Refugee Boats This Year Than in Previous Seven Years

The Adelaide Advertiser reports,22606,26106481-5006301,00.html that this year has seen the largest arrival of refugees on Australian shores since 2001. In all it totals twenty-five boats – the same amount of boats as in the last seven years combined.

As per usual, the Opposition is blaming the Federal Government for watering down policies that they implemented during their time in government. Meanwhile, the Fed claims that it has retained the most stringent of policies relating to refugees that were in place when they took the reigns of government.

In actual fact, Australia’s policy on illegal aliens always was pretty shoddy. It doesn’t matter whether the ruling party is Labor or Liberal, the policies remain the same, while the party rhetoric is all that matters to those in the business of smuggling people in leaky boats and those with the cash at their disposal to pay them. Prior to election the now current Labor government all but promised to revoke what Labor supporters, Democrats, Marxists, et al spoke of as Liberal’s draconian immigration laws. As has already been stated, they didn’t revoke the laws at all, and now those laws have been put to the test and found to be the joke that they always were.

The only thing that can be done to stop illegal entry is to close the borders and ship back all illegal aliens back to their country of origin.



The following comment was left on the Adelaide Advertiser’s article comments page: Comment #40 of 42.

If the refugees just need a chance to get to a friendly country, then why do they risk life and limb travelling thousands of miles to Australia, when everywhere from Indonesia back to the country neighbouring their homeland will willingly accept them as refugees? The reason is because those countries throw them in with the general population to thrive or to starve, while Australia gives them everything they could only ever dream about. These are not the actions of genuine asylum seekers. They are the actions of back door immigrants manipulating the system for all it’s worth.

Cailen Cambeul of Oaklands Park.

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