Aboriginal Legal Aid Calls for Public Funds

The Independent Weekly | September 25, 2009


The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement has made what it calls a reluctant and embarrassing plea to the public to help fund legal services for indigenous South Australians.

… [A] page two advertisement, which “reluctantly and embarrassingly calls on the Australian community” to donate $750,000, coincides with the National Indigenous Legal Conference in Adelaide and a visit by Commonwealth Attorney-General Robert McClelland. [more …]


The following comment was rejected by the editors of the The Independent Weekly.

Let me see. Have White tax payers fund the legal expenses of the Aboriginal thugs who beat them up in racist attacks because Whitey bashing is the hobby of choice for quite a large proportion of Australia’s indigenous population? Or bluntly: Have the victims pay for the defence of the criminals.

Makes perfect sense in a Marxist, hypocritical society that is anything but colour-blind. Abolish Aboriginal Legal Aid and make them use the same legal aid system that the rest of our penniless population are forced to use.