Sam Newman and Stalin’s Feminist Spetsnaz

As per normal, Sam Newman of The Footy Show has been found guilty of offending the feminists.

In an episode of The Footy Show screened last year, Newman displayed a lingerie wearing mannequin on the show, stating that it was football journalist Caroline Wilson, which he then proceeded to dress.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority investigated the matter and decided it “was likely, in all the circumstances, to have provoked severe ridicule against the journalist on the grounds of gender.”

Seeing the May 8, 2009 story at,28383,25448090-10229,00.html and being the opinionated bastard I am, I made a comment of my own; which as is typical was refused publication. Knowing the media as they are, they were probably offended that I compared their hero to feminists. After all, the politically correct thing to do is to compare anyone and anything you dislike with Nazis.

Stalin’s Death Count: Estimates vary from 20 million to 54 million dead for the years preceding World War II, including 14.5 million Ukranians deliberately starved to death and 18 million sent to the ‘Gulag’.

Anyway, getting back to the story. As I said, I left a comment at the above address, which was refused.

I’m not a fan of the Footy Show or Newman’s, but if one of Stalin’s feminist Spetsnaz had placed a pair of briefs on a male mannequin with Sam Newman’s face on air, there would have been no complaints from the ladies, therefore no investigation and no punishment would ensue.

Whether this hypothetical act against Newman or the actual one against Caroline Wilson is an insult to the individual person is an entirely different matter; especially since if Newman or any other man complained about the same treatment, he would be called a “wowser” with no sense of humour.


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