L.A. Times Refutes Covington’s Lies Re. Ben Klassen

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From: devr…@nospam.net (Eric DeVries)
Date: 1998/07/07
Subject: L.A. Times Refutes Covington’s Lies on Klassen
L.A. Times Refutes Covington’s Lies on Klassen

The excerpts in this article were taken from an article which appeared in the Sunday Los Angeles Times magazine on December 12, 1993. The article was called “Marketing Hate”, by Sarah Henry, and its main topic was the short-lived attempt by one Rick McCarty, to take Ben Klassen’s “Church of the Creator” and aggressively market it. It did contain some very interesting background information on Klassen which completely contradicts Covington’s insane portrayal of the man. I had read every issue of Covington’s slander sheet “Resistance” up to the time this article was published, so I am very familiar with Covington’s claims. Although I mever believed all, or even many, of his charges – who could? – I thought Klassen must be guilty of something. This article convinced me Covington is a completely unreliable liar who knows nothing about the people he defames.

For example, the source of Klassen’s money is revealed, something Covington never knew. Covington always claimed that Klassen stole his money, or was set up by Jewry as a front. In this fable, Klassen was given millions of dollars by Jewry to make a phony “racist” organization they controlled. The insanity of that claim is clearly revealed here.

Covington also never said that Klassen was married and had a family. I don’t know if Covington even knew that or not, but it’s a lot easier to slander someone as a “homosexual” if you never mention to people that the “homosexual” is married and has a child. While I’m not naive enough to believe that proves Klassen never did what Covington accuses him of, it certainly makes it far less likely. Would a man really start drugging and raping teen age boys at the age of 70, after 40 years of marriage? I doubt it, especially when there has been no critical examination of these claims, only their endless repetition by the proven liar Covington. Besides, Harold himself was the number two man to the proven Jew and homosexual, Frank Collin. Did Harold really know nothing about his fuhrer’s sexual tastes, as he claims? How do we know that Covington wasn’t participating in his fuhrer’s activities himself?

Read the relevant pieces of the article below and judge for yourself if Covington’s fables are true. The complete text of the article can be f ...

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