Anatomy of a Hypocrite

By Ben Klassen – Founder of Creativity, and Reverend Will Williams
From Racial Loyalty, Issue No. 48 – March 1989
Also available in On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War

Weird Harold Covington – Ol’ Tubby Himself

Although I never considered him of any consequence either then or now, for years I have nevertheless been extending the hand of friendship to Harold Covington. Since I assumed that he had a semblance of intelligence, I felt that it should not be wasted In pursuing lost causes, or worse still, pursuits destructive to our White Race. I felt that if his screwed up thinking could be straightened out and pointed in the right direction, he could perhaps be of some value to the White racial movement.

My first contact with him was back in 1973 when I wrote to Matt Koehl’s NSWPP in Arlington, Virginia, as to what their position was on Jewish Christianity. Since the Christianity issue made Matt extremely uncomfortable and evidently he didn’t want to state their position on it, he had Harold compose a non-answer. The reply was something to the effect that they had no stance, and it was irrelevant, unimportant, of no account; that the Nazi party was purely political, and religion had no place in it, or so said Harold.

My answer to that pusillanimous letter is reprinted, in full, on Page 122 of the Klassen Letters, Volume One. My answer evidently smoked out Matt Koehl, for he then came forth with his own version, which was as waffling and contradictory as was Harold’s. My answer to that letter can be read in full on Pages 123 to 125 of the same Klassen Letters. It is interesting to note that Matt Koehl has come 180 degrees since then, forming a National Socialist religion with Hitler as the deity or spook or whatever.

The next time I heard about Harold, he had joined a Nazi outfit in Chicago under the leadership of that half-Jew queer, Frank Collins, who was later hauled into court on child molesting charges.

Now, Harold comes from the Serta mattress family, and suddenly he had the good fortune to have a $90,000 inheritance dropped in his lap. So enamored was H ...

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