Anatomy of a Hypocrite

By Ben Klassen – Founder of Creativity, and Reverend Will Williams
From Racial Loyalty, Issue No. 48 – March 1989
Also available in On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War

Weird Harold Covington – Ol’ Tubby Himself

Although I never considered him of any consequence either then or now, for years I have nevertheless been extending the hand of friendship to Harold Covington. Since I assumed that he had a semblance of intelligence, I felt that it should not be wasted In pursuing lost causes, or worse still, pursuits destructive to our White Race. I felt that if his screwed up thinking could be straightened out and pointed in the right direction, he could perhaps be of some value to the White racial movement.

My first contact with him was back in 1973 when I wrote to Matt Koehl’s NSWPP in Arlington, Virginia, as to what their position was on Jewish Christianity. Since the Christianity issue made Matt extremely uncomfortable and evidently he didn’t want to state their position on it, he had Harold compose a non-answer. The reply was something to the effect that they had no stance, and it was irrelevant, unimportant, of no account; that the Nazi party was purely political, and religion had no place in it, or so said Harold.

My answer to that pusillanimous letter is reprinted, in full, on Page 122 of the Klassen Letters, Volume One. My answer evidently smoked out Matt Koehl, for he then came forth with his own version, which was as waffling and contradictory as was Harold’s. My answer to that letter can be read in full on Pages 123 to 125 of the same Klassen Letters. It is interesting to note that Matt Koehl has come 180 degrees since then, forming a National Socialist religion with Hitler as the deity or spook or whatever.

The next time I heard about Harold, he had joined a Nazi outfit in Chicago under the leadership of that half-Jew queer, Frank Collins, who was later hauled into court on child molesting charges.

Now, Harold comes from the Serta mattress family, and suddenly he had the good fortune to have a $90,000 inheritance dropped in his lap. So enamored was Harold with the remnants of this FBI agent infested group that he threw most of his windfall into buying Rockwell Hall for what was left of this phoney group to gather in to do their thing. A fool and his money are soon parted.

The next time I heard about Harold he and a fellow who went by the name of Eric Campbell (I don’t know his real name) had holed up in George Dietz’s office where they drank volumes of beer, leaving the many empty cans stacked on the floor.

But this boy Harold doesn’t stay put for long. Soon we hear of him running for Attorney General of North Carolina. It was also some of his Nazis, along with some Christian klansmen under the leadership of none other than Virgil Griffin, who were led into an ambush by a federal agent in Greesboro, NC, back in 1979. Fortunately, these men managed to turn the tables on the Communist Jews and niggers, killing five, but Harold was conspicuous in his absence and admits to knowing the true identity of the federal agent provocateur at that time. There was much speculation as to Harold’s true colors after this debacle. Even The Spotlight got into the debate with one of their Jew writers, a Mr. Hertzberg, calling Harold a federal agent in a series of articles. The heat was a little more than this Johnny Reb could take, so the next few years were spent in a couple of failed marriages and a succession of foreign countries; first being Rhodesia, then South Africa, then Ireland. Whether he was there as a CIA agent or was kept on the move because his life was threatened, as he claims, is anyone’s guess. There was no real reason why the U.S. government should want to kill him, since every venture he entered into fell flat on its face, including Rhodesia and Frank Collins.

In the early 80’s I was making plans to build a permanent center for the Church of the Creator in North Carolina and I was looking for a good man to help head up the project. At the time, Harold was putting out some dismal little newsletter, one of which happened to reach me. Knowing him to be a man of many contacts, I wrote him at the given address and asked him if he knew of some man of the caliber I had in mind (I did not have Harold in mind, only asked for a contact to help promote our movement). His reply surprised me. Acting as if I had him in mind, he made a big issue of turning down an offer that I had never made. He went further. He strongly admonished me not to locate in North Carolina, that it was absolutely the worst state I could possibly choose. It was full of those fanatic Bible Belt Baptists, a sorry lot, and furthermore, the Klan, and every other White racial group in North Carolina were a bunch of traitors, phonies and government agents. You could not trust any of them, Harold said, and emphasized – Stay out! Stay out!

What’s with this paranoiac jerk, I wondered. Disregarding his gratuitous advice, as we all know, we went right ahead with our plans and built the headquarters for the Church of the Creator, (on land I had purchased in 1970, by the way) and also an educational building that we hope to utilize as a school for gifted boys in which to train our future leaders.

That brings us up to more recent events. After much hardship and hostile opposition, we are pressing forward in constructively building our worldwide movement. In spite of all the enmity, (which would have occurred in any state) we have, over the last five and a half years, put out 48 issues of Racial Loyalty, ordained scores of ministers in several countries of the world, and published eight major books, all consistent with our comprehensive and well structured White Racial movement. We now have the foundation for a genuine racial religion on which the White Race can build and finally pull itself out of the swamp in which Jewish Christianity, in conjunction with Talmudic Jewry, has mired the White Race. I must confess that most of the visible opposition to our movement, much to our surprise, has come from the Christians and even other White racial groups, most of whose leaders don’t believe in that Jewish claptrap themselves.

Comes now our boy Harold, who has been playing musical chairs from one organization to another. He, who with great alarm admonished us to stay out of North Carolina, is now here himself, filling the void left by his former Nazi protégé, Glenn Miller, by stirring those tired ol’ gray embers of the Confederacy. He is pretending to build a “Confederate Congress,” an aimless, half-baked group of a few confused souls who seem to have latched on to his idea of reviving the Confederacy; a stupid issue at best, and one that has been long dead for more than a hundred years.

In his recent mint-book, written before launching this abortive “movement,” Harold stated categorically that most White racial movements of today seem to have no clear idea of what they want, never mind how they are going to achieve it (p. 22). With this analysis we Creators thoroughly agree, and it seems to me, that is about the only worthwhile statement Harold makes in the entire book.

But, lo and behold, immediately after getting the book published, Harold sets about trying to put together just such a group; the 20,000th of that type that has temporarily floated its mirage across the American scene. Not only that, but Harold, who has jumped around more vigorously than Mark Twain’s Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, specifically picked the State of North Carolina, that terrible state he so despised, as his base. As his old buddy, Eric Campbell, has said, Harold will say one thing, then do just the opposite. Ah! Shades of politic and expedient, Jew-loving Ronnie Reagan!

So what does the “Confederate National Congress” stand for? Well, after all the jumping around he has done, he has finally realized his “inner sentiments” are really with the good old Confederate cause. Evidently he would like to reinstate the plantation system with a myriad of niggers picking cotton and singing Old Black Joe. But here comes the hooker – it is to be an all White “refuge” area, where the White Man can claim at least a small piece of the good old U.S.A. as his very own. He will move all the niggers out. Where to? Evidently give them the rest of the United States, gratis, on a silver platter. What about the White people living in California, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and elsewhere? Well, that’s their problem. We will just cut them adrift. We just want to have a cozy little corner in the southeast.

Stupid? Yes, stupid as hell. But that isn’t all, the same fellow who condemned Christianity a few years back and even now jokingly talks about Christ as “the dead Jew on a stick,” and has openly admitted any number of times that he himself doesn’t believe in all that Christian claptrap, now makes the official statement that his “movement” is a Christian Movement and no member is to distribute any “violently anti-Christian” (read C.O.T.C.) literature. How about a race-mixing Jehovah’s Witness tract, Harold? He, himself, is now even strongly considering becoming ordained as a Christian Identity minister. Would you believe? Not only is the Christian foxtrot the ultimate in two-faced hypocrisy, but there is more. He is not nearly as interested in building a Confederate revival (in which he himself does not believe) as he is in using it as a diversionary tactic to oppose the Creativity movement and the Church of the Creator, at the same time admitting that if we get big enough he might later join with us. How crazy can you get?

Harold Covington - Jackass!
Harold Covington – Jackass!

Last Sunday, February 12, was the last straw. He called a group of White activists from several states to try and put together a “Ban the Church of the Creator” movement. Why is Harold so afraid of Creativity? For the same reason as are many of our enemies. Because in Creativity we have a comprehensive, fully-structured creed, program and movement, the first real racial religion fully dedicated to the White Race. It makes his own so-called “program,” by comparison, look puny, frivolous and shallow, which it is, merely based on a fraudulent scam and a passel of lies (Christianity) in which he himself does not believe. As in everything else Harold has tried, he again fell flat on his face at that meeting, In spite of the fact that the members of his “commission” were all either Christian klansmen, Identity Christians or his own men (except one, who’s with Gallo’s NDF). But I’m glad the ultimate hypocrite finally showed his true colors. Now he says that he doesn’t “want us to feel that we were in any way railroaded or denied a hearing” last weekend, and he would now like to meet with us, as long as we don’t discuss religion, and we say, to hell with you! Get lost, Harold. We have no confidence in what he might do next, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he would soon join Judaism along with Sammy Davis, Jr and other ilk of his stripe. We suggest that he do so and become a good Rabbi – he already looks the part. With his squat, stocky stature and heavy black beard, he’d look right at home in a yarmulke. We know of his admiration for Meir Kahane, and that he has corresponded with, and even sent him money.

Is Harold a CIA agent? We can’t prove it and the CIA will deny it. As William Casey himself said, “The CIA will lie about anything, anytime, anywhere.” However, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck,… etc. As Shakespeare said in Hamlet: “Beware of entrance to a quarrel, but, being in, Bear’t that the opposed be aware of thee.” In other words, kick the living beejeebers out of the shiftless polecat. Goodbye, Harold. We never want to hear from you again.

By Ben Klassen – Founder of Creativity, and Reverend Will Williams
From Racial Loyalty, Issue No. 48 – March 1989
Also available in On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War

Note: Harold Covington spent time in South Africa before settling in the United Kingdom for several years, where he made contact with far-right groups. In June 1992 Searchlight exposed his presence in Britain as a double agent, after which he fled to the United States.

More information on Harold Covington can be found at Setting the Record Straight: The Covington Files