Hate Group Backs Beliefs

Linda Brady | Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) | 2001

Race hate group, the World Church of the Creator [now the Church of Creativity], lashed out at criticism of its beliefs yesterday.

At the same time, one of Australia’s top criminalogists [sic] branded the group violent and dangerous.

In an email to The Morning Bulletin yesterday, a group representative using the name Brother S objected to the organisation being called Nazis and a hate group, arguing the church was simply a religious group.

In its own Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) web page the group agrees hate is “part and parcel” of its religion.

“If you love and want to defend … your white race, then hate comes natural and is inevitable.”

The FAQ page also links the WCOTC with Hitler’s ideals stating : “Hitler’s program was similar to what we are proposing.”

Melbourne’s B’nai B’rith Anti Defamation Commission, labels the WCOTC a “violent racist group’ which blames Judaism and Christianity for mixing the white races.

The commission, which has on its advisory board Sir Ninian Stephen and former prime ministers Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke, says the group’s warcry RAHOWA (Racial Holy War) is “manifest in a number of violent attacks in the USA including armed robberies, bashings and a fatal shooting spree in July 1999″.

University of Sydney criminalogist [sic] David Fraser told ABC radio yesterday : “If the Australian or Queensland offshoot of this group is paying any attention to what the American founders are doing then certainly we should be afraid,”

“We are not completely immune from violence in Australia.”

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