Jews Demand the Holohoax be Taught in Australian Schools

Schools failing to teach on Holocaust

Justine Ferrari, Education writer: The Australian | July 10, 2008,25197,23996561-2702,00.html

AN obsession with Australian history in curriculums has left students able to leave school without knowing that the Holocaust occurred.

In a speech to high school principals, NSW education department head Michael Coutts-Trotter regretted the omission of the Holocaust from the state’s mandatory history course.

“I discovered for the first time about a month ago that you can get through compulsory schooling in NSW and never know that the Holocaust, the destruction of Jews in Europe, actually happened,” he said. “You will know a lot about Don Bradman, and that’s terrific. But I think to live life, you need to know the Holocaust happened.”

The only mention of the Holocaust in the NSW syllabus for Years 7-10 is in the beginning, with the rationale for the course starting with a quotation from a Holocaust survivor about the importance of learning history.

Compulsory history or social studies courses for schools in the other states also fail to mention the Holocaust.

A spokeswoman for the NSW Board of Studies said the history course for Years 7-10 had a lot to cover and the board did not want to overcrowd the curriculum.

“There are opportunities to study the Holocaust and its consequences in a number of ways in both mandatory and elective history,” she said.

Asked about those opportunities, the board pointed to the website of the Sydney Jewish Museum, which highlighted links to NSW syllabuses.

The museum suggests it could be the subject of a site visit, compulsory for Year 9 students, and for Year 10 students looking at post-war Australia to the 1970s, it suggests examining the contribution of Jewish migrants.

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies said yesterday it had been concerned for some time about the omission of the Holocaust from school history, and was working with the education department and the board of studies on the issue.

Board chief executive Vic Alhadeff said the Jewish community regarded as essential the signposting across the curriculum of issues relating to discrimination, racism and genocide, including the Holocaust.

“It is indeed possible to complete 13 years of schooling in NSW without having studied the Holocaust,” he said. “This is a matter of great concern to the Jewish community, which works towards social cohesion as a matter of principle.”

Wollongong University professor of history and politics Gregory Melleuish said the nation had become increasingly obsessed with Australian history over the past 10 or 15 years.

“So we tend to look at things like World War I and II as Australia’s involvement rather than what was at stake, why did it occur and what was going on,” Professor Melleuish said.

“Part of the problem of doing it from the point of view of Australia is students get the perspective that Australia saves the world.”

Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard said the Government had asked the National Curriculum Board to develop a rigorous world-class curriculum for all students in four initial areas, including history.

Opposition education spokesman Tony Smith said it should not be possible for a student to leave school without being taught key events such as the two world wars, the Holocaust and the Cold War.

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Jews believe that Australians have an obsession with teaching Australian history in schools? While I agree that the Donald Bradman thing is just a sporting statistic that should not be taught as history (no harm teaching it as part of their sports curriculum), I do recognise that this is Australia and history as taught in schools should be Australocentric.

Since I’ve already covered some of the Jewish myths of their supposed Holocaust in earlier blog entries, there is no need for me to go into any details about it; suffice to say that Jews have an obsession with teaching their myths in Australian schools. And what’s more, quite a few Jews over the years have revealed the reasons behind this obsession of theirs: Without their Holohoax, the Jewish claim to special treatment within the world community will simply vanish, and that shitty little country known as Israel would go down the gurgler of history just as easily as a simple “democratic” vote would obliterate it from the map of the world.

Keep the Judeocentric teaching out of Australian schools. We have enough problems dealing with the anti-White “black armband” or Abocentric history being taught there.