PC Pubs push to fight domestic violence over a friendly beer – blaming the men again

Pubs push to fight violence over a friendly beer

Vikki Campion: Daily Telegraph | November 12, 2008


MALE drinkers in pubs will be warned over a beer not to beat their wife and children in a new offensive against domestic violence.

Bar staff also will be trained to help spread the warnings as data shows domestic violence increases on Sydney’s boozy summer nights.

The State Government-supported push will run in pubs and clubs across Sydney’s outer west, Port Macquarie, Griffith and Tumut.

Schooners will be served on more than 60,000 coasters saying “Shout at the pub, not at home”; “Put your glass down, not your missus” and pubs will hang “Expect Respect” posters in bars.

Men will be targeted at the bottle shop as “Expect Respect’ stickers are slapped on slabs of beer.

Minister for Women Verity Firth, whose office helps fund the 16 Days of Activism to Stop Violence Against Women campaign, said the Government knows the “terrible damage” violence wreaks on families.

“We are committed to tackling domestic violence and providing appropriate, sensitive and effective support to victims,” she said.

And women will be targeted at the shops with “Expect Respect” shop-a-dockets printed on 1.5 million supermarket receipts.

Women Activities and Self Help House (WASHHouse) teamed with police and publicans to get men in Blacktown, which has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in NSW, to peer pressure each other to stop bad behaviour.

“There is a high correlation between alcohol and domestic violence incidents, particularly during the warmer summer months,” WASHhouse manager Catherine White said yesterday.

“Most men aren’t violent and can help by promoting healthy relationships and speaking out against violence towards women.”

At lunch with friends at the Royal Cricketers Arms Prospect, Castle Hill’s Joanne Ceh said she preferred the gentle message of the coasters over confronting TV ads “of a woman getting her head bashed in”.

Left the following comment on the above article’s comment’s page (comment #9 of 15). I’m surprised it was accepted as it flies in the face of those that follow the politicially correct, feminist dogma that all men are violent and all women are victims.

As a male and a victim of domestic violence this is one issue I pay very close attention to. In the 90’s they brought over US academics to prove that women are the poor victims of violent men. When asked on live radio (Tripple J) about the rise of domestic violence in the US, the academic admitted that the majority of incidents of domestic violence were caused by women assaulting their husbands first and women picking up and using weapons first, with men being given the choice of defending themselves or being beaten to a pulp or worse by someone that is genuinely weaker than them. The interviewer was shocked and instantly cancelled the interview. The academic had accurately described my personal circumstances and the interviewer had accurately described the reaction to my personal circumstances by Australian police and domestic violence groups. Australia has a habit of avoiding the truth in favour of taking the easier and much more politically correct path of playing the guilt and blame game. If the majority of men understood the situation as it really is instead of cowering in shame, they would blacklist all pubs that partake in this PC guilt and blame game and actually help to put a stop to domestic violence. Women are as much the perpetrator as they are the victim. Remember that and do not allow the aggressor to claim victim status.

Cailen Cambeul of Oaklands Park

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