Every Creator a Reverend

Now that we have the blueprint drawn, the foundations laid and the framework for the White Racial Religion of the future under construction, it behooves us to put muscle on the bones as quickly as possible. This we are attempting to do and the means to do it with are people more good, aggressive, White activist people. We need to utilize our resources to the utmost and take advantage of every means at our disposal. As Ben Klassen have pointed out a number of times, religion is undoubtedly the most powerful motivator and energizer to ever influence the human elements throughout history. Combine this with a racial fervor, as the Jews and Moslems have done, and you have a combination that is intensely powerful. In Creativity we finally have such a combination for the White Race.

Religion, like fire, is a powerful force, but, like fire, it can be either constructive or destructive depending on how it is used, by whom, and on whom. As I have also pointed out innumerable times, the Jews concocted Judeo-Christianity for us, slopped it on us, and used it as a powerful tool against us and for our own self-destruction. However, now that Creativity has come along, we can take a long historical view of all this religious anarchy which the White Race has suffered and profit from the lessons it has taught us. We can and should learn from experience. We can and must especially learn from the disastrous experience such as the nightmare of mongrelization the White Race is being subjected to right now. We can learn the same methods, techniques and procedures our enemies use and put them to work for our own best interests. Now that we Creators are no longer interested in saving (the scum of) humanity, but instead look at every issue from the basis of our own Golden Rule (What is best for the White Race ?), we too, can do many powerful things with religion, our own religion.

This short treatise is designed to emphasize only one limited phase of that all-encompassing programme, and that is to fully utilize the extraordinary prestige and influence religious titles exercise in our culture and society. The Jews have bragged time and again that practically every new issue (such as integration and mongrelization) that they want to slop on the White Race they promote first through the ministers (the White Man’s) and the churches as a moral issue. Why ? Because there is an inherent “reverence’ for the Reverend.” They not only use this ploy with the White “Reverends,” but also and especially by means of black “Reverends” who, are now almost instantly converted into a near deity by turning their collar around and draping them with the religious mantle of “Reverend.”

When they picked an alleged Communist, panderer and car thief by the name of Martin Luther King to head up the “civil rights” movement of the sixties, they first of all made sure that he had the title of “Reverend.’ They did the same with his successor, the Reverend Abernathy, although anyone looking closely into that dark and sinister face can visibly see in it more malignant criminal hatred for the White Race than any so-called Christian love and charity. The same goes for the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson, and a host of other black “Reverends’ whose English can hardly be comprehended. Well, two can play that game. We now have a religion of our own, a White Man’s religion, established for the survival of the White Race, for the White Man’s benefit. It is called Creativity. Since religion is like fire, let us make sure we utilize ours to burn down the treacherous facade that is being used against us, and to fuel our own engines to steamroller the Jews and other dark races out of our culture.

In Creativity we have a legitimate, powerful religion that has every right, privilege and protection as spelled out under civil and religious guarantees of the Constitution. We Creators do not ask the Jewish establishment whether we, too, can exercise those rights the same as any Jew or negroe. We do not stand there, hat in hand, begging. We demand that we have those rights unquestionably, and woe betide any Jew, negroe or race traitor who would stand in our way and fain deny us our legal rights and equal protection under the law of the land. So let us proceed and exercise our muscle and our constitutionally guaranteed rights. Let us too have ordained Ministers and Reverends to spearhead our noble and sacred Cause. This is nothing new in our movement. We have been ordaining Ministers of the Church of Creativity for years, and presenting qualified members with Ministerial Certificates. The Mormons throughout their history have instituted the practice of obligating every member to become a lay missionary. What we now want to do is to step up our campaign and have every valid member of the Church the Creativity apply for and, if qualified, receive a Ministerial Certificate, and become an Ordained Minister.

What are the advantages of doing so ? Well, there are many and I want to briefly recapitulate them here :

1) The prestige and recognition that automatically go with the title are a most valuable asset that has long been recognized by the Christians, Jews and negroes. We, too, can capitalize on it.

2) The legal protection is much more pervasive for a religious group, front, organization, or whatever, than say a political group (like the Nazis) or a fraternal organization, a charitable organization or a civic organization, or any other. Whereas the media or any political hack will eagerly kick a Nazi around like some dog, they will differentially treat with kid gloves any “Reverend” who heads up a religious organization. Why ? Because to attack him possibly opens up the same charges against all other “religious” organizations and could bring the wrath of the religious “establishment” down on their heads.

3) It lays the basis for the legitimate claim of exemption from the tyrannical and voracious Jewish tax collectors. It is no guarantee, but it is a strong claim that we can and must defend. If the Jewish synagogues get tax exemptions, why shouldn’t we ? If the negroes “religious” establishments get tax exemptions, why shouldn’t we ? If the Catholic Church, which is headquartered in a foreign country, gets tax exemptions, why shouldn’t we ? The answer is : there is no reason in the world why we shouldn’t and we must demand and defend our religious and civil rights.

4) Since most religious groups in this country (and around the world) are based on a most transparent hoax, but nevertheless wield a lot of political and moral clout, the Jewish establishment (i.e., the government) is most skittish about arguing the issue in the courts, since it can and will bring out so many obvious flaws, swindles, hoaxes and contradictions that it might bring down the whole odious house of cards. We Creators must realize this, and that is our trump card – we are probably the only legitimate religion on the world scene whose beliefs, creed and philosophy is based on truth and reality. All others, be they Judeo-Christianity, Judaic, Mormon or Moslem, are totally based on a collection of hocus-pocus. Their basis is built on the flotsam of far-out superstitions, on myths, hearsay and lies that won’t stand the light of day. They cannot either substantiate or justify their super-natural claims and swindles. Ours is based on fact, on the Eternal Laws of Nature, on Reality, on the truth. You can’t beat that – but nevertheless, we are forced to, and we must defend it at all costs.

All right, we now realize the advantages of a religious movement, especially ours. We realize the advantages of being an Ordained Minister of the Church and having the title of Reverend. So, why not utilize this advantage for every good, upstanding member of the Church of Creativity ? Why not, indeed ? Why don’t you become an Ordained Minister of the Church of Creativity ? Why not utilize your best talents for the promotion of our sacred goal – the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.