Draconian Laws to ‘Squash’ Bikers & Everyone Else Along With Them

Law passed to ‘squash’ bikies

Joanna Vaughan, Political Reporter: The Advertiser | May 08, 2008


POLICE soon will have the power to “squash” bikie gangs and force them to move elsewhere after the Government’s controversial anti-bikie legislation passed through Parliament last night.
Police Minister Paul Holloway said SA was on the verge of having the nation’s and perhaps the world’s toughest anti-bikie laws.

“These are the laws that police have asked for and, finally, we are able to ensure police have exactly what they need to take on these criminal bikie gangs,” he said.

When the laws are gazetted, it will be illegal for anyone to associate with known bikies six or more times a year.

Bikies also will be banned from specific locations.

The Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Bill 2007 also will enable Police Commissioner Mal Hyde to obtain orders from the Attorney-General, Michael Atkinson, declaring bikie gangs illegal.

The decision to outlaw bikie gangs comes three days after dozens of people were forced to dive for cover after 15 shots were fired from semi-automatic weapons on Gouger St in the city.

The Government “hoped” to have the laws in place by July 1. The legislation was criticised as draconian by other states at a March meeting of State and Federal Government ministers.

Greens MLC Mark Parnell and Democrats MLC Sandra Kanck, who between them introduced about 100 failed amendments to the Bill, had branded it “an abuse of police powers”.

Opposition police spokesman David Ridgway, however, said the Opposition supported the Bill because it gave police the powers to provide a safe community.

“We acknowledge that we do have problems within the community with motorcycle gangs,” he said.

“It is important to give the appropriate measures to police to crack down on these gangs and these recent shootings prove that something needs to be done.”

Mr Ridgway said the Bill established the value of the Legislative Council, which was made clear when the Government used it to make needed amendments. That came just hours after Deputy Premier Kevin Foley attacked the House, labelling it irrelevant, reckless and destructive.

“I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the Government moving amendments to its own Bikies Bill because of errors in two clauses relating to the definition of family members and what regular association with members of a declared organisation entails,” Mr Ridgway said.

“All I can say to Mr Foley is this thank heavens for the Upper House and its powers of review because we are the ones who have fixed up your defective legislation.”

The legislation goes back to the Lower House for final approval this week.

If you believe this law will only be used to attack the criminal element within the bike clubs, then you are as stupid and naive as any government could ever hope for you to be. This law is going to be used to hound everyone who rides a motorcycle, everyone who dresses a particular way and middle aged, heavy-set men with tattoos and beards who refuse to wear baggy pink boardshorts. i.e. Your father or grandfather.

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One of the laws amongst many that they have developed is one giving police the power to charge anyone wearing clothing or items of clothing they “deem” not suitable for society.

“… it will be illegal for anyone to associate with known bikies ….” Who decides if someone is a “known bikie?” It doesn’t matter that the coppers and the government will make the original and legally binding decision, it is the rest of the gutless population of SA that will refuse to associate with anyone they deem to be a biker, just incase they are arrested for it.

“Bikies also will be banned from specific locations.” Again, this means that security in all venues from your local shopping centre to the Adelaide Casino can refuse to allow anyone they deem to be a biker from paying his bills, having a quiet beer, or for your grandfather to have a flutter on the pokies with your grandmother.

But you, the South Australian sheeple, who refuse to believe a single word of warning will remain that way until they come for you and your precious daddy. And by then, it will be too late.