A White International

By Brother B.D.
Maius 8, 35 AC (May 8, 2008 CE)

A composition propounding the religion of Creativity as originally expounded by P.M.E. Ben Klassen, the Beloved Founder of Creativity.

Our precious White race is a minority worldwide indeed. Whites of the world were once, proud, staunch, advancing in fields of sciences and exploration, advancing in healthy conquests and creators of engines and tools of growth, of harvest, of seed and culture.

It wasn’t that long ago that it was our race that maneuvered the direction of the world, brought to its many surfaces great civilization, law and order. Whereas the distant peoples muddling about the crust of the globe, simply proliferated, wandered and excreted squalor and filth a far cry from the pillars that bolstered proudly the achievements created from the minds and bodies of our great White race.

Today our race has become boggled and confused with a myriad of cultural mildew. Where beauty has been exchanged for the grotesque, where high quality has lost its value to the expediency of poor quality and abundance. The White race today is bruised and poisoned daily by this host of perverse exchanges from good to bad, from bad to worse. We do not live in a time where we can see our people advancing. Rather a time indeed, where our race is dying. Suffocating in a great mire of half truths, culture decline, and most importantly, racial disintegration.

Our people are the target of the perfidious Jew. It is this race which for hundreds and even thousands of years has undermined our nations from the great empires of ancient Egypt and Rome, to the White European nations and kingdoms, as well as White Czarist Russia and pockets of White settlement throughout the world as in South Africa and Australia.

It is the Jewish serpent which has coiled its long unified body around the arms and legs of the White Titan who has developed and created so much of the world as we know it today in the 21st century.

It is this very same, Jewish bacillus which has entered our facilities of finance, of the material media as well the electronic broadcasts that brilliantly illuminate the social and political minds of virtually every man women and child in the modern world.

It is this Semitic tribe who have supported the advancement and dramatic proliferation and immigration of non white foreigners, whose culture is not our own, whose ways are not White ways and most important of all; whose defining genetic stock have always been indelibly separate.

Numerous books are available regarding the more detailed names and organizations of these Jews, their groups, their history, past accomplishments and wars waged successfully against us; from the subtle to the blatant. Existent still, in sad excess, are countless examples of such treacheries and tragedy. The White race is a minority because we are not an advancing, surviving species. The value of our dollar and the condition of our economy is deteriorating because we are not solving the Jewish problem and bringing the appropriate parties to account and issuing the responsible peoples the duty of correction. Millions, upon millions of white babies are being aborted because the White race is not immersed in an environment that roots sensibility and responsibility as honorable and virtuous. White people are being raped and murdered primarily by non whites because we are not handling the race situation in an alert, active, conscious understanding. White jobs are increasingly disposed to non whites because we are not handling such race treason in a qualified responsible turn of cause and effect.

If the question must be asked why we must preserve the White race, I can only answer; because we cannot tolerate the chaining of our historically great and honorable racial body with the drowning weight of an age in great decline, effete transformations, anymore than we can sanction the suicide of a great and honorable man.

It is certain that a world without the presence of the industry, production and creativity of the White race, that the peoples throughout the world who remain will wither upon the great vine of our past successes. For when an agriculturalist can no longer tend to his fields, famine is always the only possible outcome.

Similarly in a world consisting only of the White race, the entire face of the whole globe open to its creativity, resourcefulness and civil wisdom. The entire world would become a priceless civilization with one language and one people, natures finest; the White race. A White world where racial law would be upheld, where that which is good for the White race is unanimously the highest virtue, and alternatively where that which is bad for the White race is unanimously perceived as the ultimate sin. A White world in which chaos is struck aside in favor of order, where the grotesque is diminished into obscurity and the beauty in culture erupts abundantly in a mosaic of cultural spheres; from the faces of our youth, to our entertainment, to our thoughts and creations. An advancing stage which blossoms into a magnificent era, into a legendary epoch…a continuous, advancing spiral of White racial eugenics and upward evolution.

‘A White International’ a realm above and beyond even any past accomplishment of our great White race. Beyond the supremacy, unity and might of Rome at its zenith, beyond even your authors scope of imagination indeed. Our brilliant white future, free from the famine, disease and burdens which have plagued us yesterday and today. A great White International purged of our great enemy, the nefarious Jew and the hordes of non whites which attach themselves within and without our racial body, like countless parasites which poison and subdue the spirit and tenacity of our magnificent species. Yes my dear White brothers and sisters, without setting the White race above all, the White race can never be beyond all. The white race is presently standing in the darkest hour, and it will be a decisive one.

Either you will expose our enemies to your fellow Whites and fight for the survival, expansion and advancement of our great race. In turn becoming the ancestor of countless White generations to come composed of the greatest White men and women the world has witnessed. Or you will dispose of the incalculable value of the long line of lineage that has created you, declining the highest of honors, and die without it. You, and shortly after, any of your offspring will be swept aside in a horrible tide of coloreds, mud people and other inferiors, either in a terrible whirlwind of physical violence and terrorism or the slow decay of racial blood poisoning and the great spirit which has illuminated this world will fade away as the tides cast about their lot of darkness from refuse sea to refuse sea.

Brother B.D.
Church of Creativity Pennsylvania, U.S.A.