Analysis From The White Man’s Point Of View

Now in reaching the conclusions I (Ben Klassen) will be coming to, I want to make it clear that I am using the criteria as set forth in Creative Credo No. 2 of the White Man’s Bible. We Creators look at everything from the White Man’s point of view. Not from “America’s” point of view, not from the Jews’ point of view, nor that of world “humanity,” nor are we looking at it from the negroes’ point of view, nor “through the snake’s eyes.” The bottom line is – what do all these dramatic changes occurring in today’s world bode for the future of the White Race ? The answer is – more dangers and accelerated race-mixing ! We must remember that Democracy, like Judeo-Christianity and Communism, is a Jewish invention, a tool used to divide and conquer, the main target being the White Race. The very fact that the Jewish press is huckstering “democracy” with a vengeance, should raise a red flag by itself. Also, the fact that Communism dismantled itself relatively peaceably, without a major cataclysm such as the Bolshevik revolution, or World War I or II, is in itself very strange. He didn’t get into the No. 1 catbird position without the massive help and approval of the Jews themselves, that is certain.

“Democracy” – another Jewish tool
So, what are the Jews up to, what do they have in mind ? Well, I am neither a mind reader, nor do I have a crystal ball. All I can do is to look at the facts and put two and two together, using the principles of logic and common sense. Let us first look at the Jewish concept of democracy, that great, great sacred word that is always at the forefront of every utterance made by  political prostitutes in the service of the Jewish Occupational Government. We have “democracy” in the world’s “greatest” and “most affluent” society today. How is the White Race faring here and who rules the United States, this, supposedly, the world’s greatest “democracy” ? The answer is – the White Race is not faring very well. The Jews own and control their own private Federal Reserve (the world’s largest counterfeiting ring); the Jews own and control most the newsmedia; the Jews own and control most of the nation’s major businesses; the Jews control the cultural and educational facilities and are using them to brain-pollute, race-mix and degenerate our society, especially our youth. Furthermore, the Jews are in complete control of all branches of government.

So how is the White Race faring under democracy ? Not very well ! It is targeted for extinction by “our” Jewish government. Practically every major city now has a negroe mayor who is, of course, manipulated by his Jewish masters who put him there in the first place. The White productive worker and his family are having a hard time making ends meet while they are being taxed to death in order that “our” Jewish government can subsidize an ever increasing horde of freeloading negroes and other dark races. While the White taxpayers work and slave and hold back on raising a family of their own, the nigroes and the dark races feed and breed, subsidized by the largesse of the exploited White taxpayers. At the same time “our” Jewish government not only leaves our borders wide open for all the free-loading scum of the world to enter into our domain, but actually encourages these hordes to come here and pollute our once pristine domain. That, my dear White Racial Comrade, is democracy in America, the model for all the world. Meanwhile, productive White entrepreneurs, sit in jail, robbed of their business and reputation, on trumped up charges contrived by a vicious Jewish conspiracy. Thousands of other White loyalists are also behind bars for no other reason than that they are for the White Race and therefore a threat to the Jewish conspiracy. You are, of course, free to enjoy the fruits of the great Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and you can say and think anything you like, except, of course, don’t mention the Jewish behemoth. That, too, is an integral part of “democracy”.

How is the White Race faring in once “Great” Britain, that mother of all parliaments, democracy, and all those other shibboleths ? Well, the Skinheads, who originated in Britain, pretty much summed it up in a few lines of their brave song : “Once we had an Empire, now we’ve got a slum.” Negroes of all stripes from Africa, Pakistanis, Hindus and a plethora of other scum and dark races now infest British cities, and the Jew-controlled British government, coddles sweetly to these freeloaders, but takes an extremely hard stand against any White Man who dares to take a pro-White position and defend White racial purity of his once great country. That is “democracy” in England. We now take a look at the German people, the most productive people in the very heart of Europe. Since democracy is supposed to exemplify rule by the majority of the people, undoubtedly, Germany under Hitler from 1933 to 1939 had the finest democracy of all time, since Hitler’s regime enjoyed the popular endorsement of over 90% of its people. But, of course, it wasn’t a Jewish democracy; in fact, it was hostile to these miserable scavengers. Therefore, to hell with the will of the people, it had to be smashed.

Despite draconian partitions and extortions imposed by the Jewish victors on a defeated Germany, the German people by sheer strength of their talent, hard work and perseverance managed to rebuild their smashed and devastated cities, factories, transportation systems and farms. In the Western part of partitioned Germany, they had the American-style democracy imposed on them, whether they liked it or not.  They could vote for any scoundrel they chose, but they could not vote for freedom from the tyranny of hostile occupation forces, nor could they vote for the kind of government they had enjoyed (National Socialism), nor could they vote for re-union with “East” Germans, nor their kinsmen in Austria who were part of the German Reich in 1939. So they were free to do anything at all as long as it conformed with the wishes of their Jewish slave-masters. All of which, of course, didn’t leave them much choice or much room to maneuver, but that was what was now called democracy. In the meantime the Jews saw to it that the “democratically” occupied Germany be polluted with Turks and other dark races to make sure their gene pool would be on its way to major pollution.

What is the solution ?
Is there a solution to ever bringing peace and prosperity to this polyglot, fractured world ? Can even a once White and civilized Europe achieve peace among its various nations ? Can they settle all the age-old grudges, rivalries, border problems, former territorial acquisitions, the problems of ethnic groups within other ethnic groups ? Can they solve the thousand and one other problems, such as languages, religions, etc., that have been and will be the cause of endless wars even after communism is eradicated ? My answer is no, under the present system of values in the existing religious, economic and social system they will never be peacefully settled. I repeat, is there no solution to the endless problems of the White Race, even amongst themselves ? And again, I come to the same conclusion : not under the present system of values. Without confronting the enormous problems of an exploding dark population that threatens to overwhelm the White Race, before the White peoples of the world can get their act together, there have to be some major fundamental changes in their thinking and in their attitude about themselves. There are thousands of minor divisive issues that have plagued the White Race over the centuries, but the major dividers have been these : nationality, religion and language. The Jews, who have developed the art of divide and conquer to a fine technique, have skillfully utilized and exacerbated these fundamental divisive factors and managed to keep the White nations of Europe (and the world !) in turmoil, at war, and in ever-increasing debt.

Creativity is the answer
Hasn’t anyone in the highly intelligent White world ever come to a solution to the problems of divided nationality, religion and language ? Yes, Creativity has come to a sensible, non-violent and logical solution based on the revolutionary idea of White Racial Loyalty and Solidarity. We want to educate White people of all nationalities, religions and languages that their first and basic loyalty belongs not to any particular nationality, religion or language, but to the White Race. Based upon the idea of White Racial Loyalty, we want to promote global White Racial Solidarity and Unity as the only way for the White Race to survive in the world which is becoming increasing flooded with the dark races.

One global White racial religion
We next examine that explosive issue of the different religions in which the White peoples of Europe and the world are enmeshed. Without a doubt, Jewish Christianity is the overwhelming prevalent religion with which the White Race has been plagued for nearly two thousand years. But besides it being a deceitful Jewish invention which brought down the once great White Roman Empire, it now has the added disintegrating factor that it is fractured into thousands of major and minor factions all of which are jealous of each other, and overtly and covertly at war with each other. There are the Catholics and the Protestants, there are the Eastern Orthodox, there are the Mormons, and the Baptists, the Presbyterians, the Unitarians, the Calvinists, the Anglicans, the Mennonites, ad infinitum. Even the Korean-originated Moonies claim they are Christian. The list goes on and on, and even among the main groups there are endless divisions (for instance, even the small sect of Mennonites has 32 different divisions or denominations). More blood has been spilled over this Judeo-Christian swindle which the Jews have foisted on the White Race, than probably any other issues, of which the devastating Protestant vs. Catholic Thirty Years War (1618-1848) is only one example. We Creators reject all existing religions which are based on myths and detrimental to the best interests of the White Race. We Creators are determined to convert all White people of the world to the one and only true White Racial Religion – Creativity, which is based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, History, Logic, Common Sense, and is dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

One global White racial nation
Ethnic/regional/state nationalism is another strong divisive tool in the Jewish arsenal of weapons for manipulating and destroying the White Race. Who is it but a National government that has the power to declare war, to mobilize armies and to order attacks on another group of White people under the dominion of another national government. Nations go to war and, more often than not, White nations kill the people of other White nations. And in this category no other nations are as devastatingly efficient in raining death and destruction on their fellow kinsmen as the White nations themselves. We Creators want to unite all White nations of the world into one global White racial nation, and we will move heaven and earth to see to it that never again will White men go to war to kill other White men, women and children. If we are going to go to war and kill, lets make damn sure we kill our racial enemies, who are our real enemies, Jews, negroes and the dark races.

Creativity – the New Renaissance of the White Race
We have addressed the main categories of divisiveness that over the centuries have prevented the White peoples of the world from ever getting their act together for their own best interests, for their own survival, expansion and advancement. The main problem has been that, foolishly, they have never really thought of themselves as members of the White Race per se. They have considered themselves in terms of cultural, or religious, or regional bonds, such as French, or British, or German, or American, or Catholic, or Protestant, or Anglo-Saxon, but never considered that most significant of all the bonds we share – the biological bond which by its very crucial nature overrides any and all other bonds. Nor have they realized the overwhelming importance and privilege of being a member of Natures Finest – the White Race. With the White Racial Religion – Creativity, all that changes. We Creators consider our biological racial heritage and our White gene pool as the most significant and precious value on the face of the earth. It is this vital biological bond on which we focus our dedication, loyalty and inspiration. It is our centerpiece around which our religion is structured and polarized. We Creators consistently affirm on a daily basis: Our Race is Our Religion ! By converting the White peoples of the world to the one and only White Racial Religion – Creativity, we have the total solution for overcoming, peacefully dissolving and eliminating the most vexing and pernicious problems – namely, differences in language, religion and nationality, – problems which have divided and plagued the White Race since time immemorial.

If we all joined in one global White racial religion and embraced one global White racial loyalty, polarized around our biological bond and stressed our White racial heritage, then all national boundaries would become meaningless, and we could better use our talents and energies providing for a richer, healthier and fuller life – better housing, culture, happy families, healthy children, clean environment, etc., rather than continuing to devastate each other in endless wars of self-destruction. Also, we would benefit in a multitude of other ways as well. We would reap the benefits of a longer, healthier and happier life through Salubrious Living. Since the White Race by then would have come to its senses and have purged the Jewish-Christian brain-scrambler from out of its system, religious prejudices and hang-ups would no longer exist. And above all we would get the goddamn Jew off our back, once and for all, never to reappear again. Never again would the Jew invade, infest and destroy our pristine society. In other words, by implementing the Creed and Program of the White Racial Religion – Creativity, the White Race would achieve a New Renaissance of unparalleled prosperity and magnificence.

If not Creativity, what else is there ?
So, outside of Creativity, what else is there ? The answer is – nothing ! If we fall to coalesce, polarize and unite around Creativity, there isn’t a ghost of a chance for the White Race to survive more than another generation. Creativity has all the answers in solving the multitude of idiotic and pervasive problems of nationalism, religion and language, as well as a host of others, including our polluted environment and the polluted dark scourge that now infests Planet Earth. A polyglot, confused and contradictory programme of half-truths and mixed goals will no longer suffice. Creativity has the whole bail of wax. It has the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

If not now, when ?
We now come to the question of how much time do we have left to save the White Race ? The answer is damn little. White Man, get with it today ! Remember we are at war, and in this life and death struggle time is of the essence ! If not now, when ? White Man, make up your mind and join the White Racial Religion – Creativity now ! Rahowa !

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