Operation Chinese

Operation Chinese

Looking back twenty three years, we can see how Ben Klassen saw the coming catastrophy – incredible !

It seems the deceit and cunning of the Jew knows no bounds. To most of the befuddled world, recent events in China, it would seem, just happened. The Chinese communist government, like their Russian counterpart, so our Jew orchestrated papers would have us believe, became more lax, and the Chinese students, like the rest of the Chinese people, just spontaneously assembled in Tianamen Square by the millions to express their hunger for “democracy” and freedom. Doesn’t everybody ? Practically everybody in the United States and the world who has followed the events of the recent Chinese uprising believes this scenario. However, there are some serious flaws in this projected set-up. For one thing, you don’t whip a million students into a state of agitation where they all assemble spontaneously in China’s main square without previous long-scale planning and trained leadership. No, this revolt did not happen overnight nor without a great deal of financing behind it. Secondly, there isn’t one chinaman in ten thousand who knows the meaning of the word “democracy” (nor an American either for that matter) and really gives a damn for the concept of democracy. Earlier this year Chinese students didn’t demonstrate “democratic” principles when they bashed the negroe exchange students who had eyes for their Chinese women. In fact, most chinamen who might have heard the word “democracy” and are asked its meaning would probably say that it was some alien concept repugnant to the Chinese and their culture.

So how did it happen that a million Chinese students assembled in the heart of Beijing and started shouting “Western” (English only for American TV cameras) slogans ? How did it happen that the Communist hierarchy was seemingly indifferent to such a heretical uprising for a number of weeks and then suddenly let loose the armed troops and started mowing down the unarmed students with real machine guns ? Wasn’t that a nasty thing to do ? Didn’t that enrage the “democratic” peoples of the world ? Surprise ! Surprise ! To those of us who have studied the Jewish modus operandi (M.O.) for the last several decades and have followed the upheavals in any number of other countries Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Vietnam and a score of others, it is no surprise at all. Let us keep our eye on the ball. What is it that the Jews are trying to accomplish ? What is it that they are not only trying, but actually achieving, with amazing success ? The answer, as any Creator could tell you, is : the Jew is fanatically bent on destroying the White Race, by any and every means possible. Kill the best first ! We have already described in great detail how the tribe of Judah managed to bomb, massacre, starve, deport and bastardize a major segment of the German people in the “Avenge Dresden !” series of articles. We have already spelled out any number of times how, after the defeat of Germany they immediately moved to perpetrate a similar fate on the rest of the White nations of the world, especially America. How can they bring down America ? Again, the deceit and cunning of the Jew knows no limits, and they will, and are, using every means at their disposal to bring about the total collapse of White civilization. One means is to promote race-mixing. This they have promoted with a vengeance, not only by propaganda, but also by subsidizing the negroes already in this country so that they will breed to their hearts’ content at the expense of the overburdened and hard working White American taxpayer. The Jew controlled government has augmented this further by “legally” enforcing such “civil rights” laws as “open housing,” “affirmative action,” unlimited welfare, and in general, enforced integration in every segment of our lives.

What has all this to do with what is happening in China today ? A great deal, and we are now coming to our main point. Communism is a Jewish invention from beginning to end. Jewish Communism took over China in 1949, forty years ago. In order to do so, Mao Tse-tung, whom the Jews used as their stooge in China, ruthlessly killed off, it is estimated, between 40 and 60 million of his enemies. Mao is now dead and as elsewhere, Communism has been, and is, a dismal failure. But let us remember that in the enslavement of the peoples of the world, the Jews’ main target and prime obstacle still is the White Race, and that last great bastion of the White Race, the United States of America. As we mentioned, one of the many destructive programs utilized by the Jews to destroy the White Race is to mongrelize the White Race into a massive sea of brown zombies, and the flooding of the United States with dark peoples is one powerful method of accelerating such a programme. So what better way to allow all these dark peoples to flood into the United States than to play on the stupid “Christian compassion” of the White people ? Make them feel sorry for the “refugees” from all these tyrannical regimes that the Jews themselves instigated ! This the Jews have successfully done in dozens of countries. In fact the United States is the No. 1 sucker haven for all the destitute dark races of the world.

Now where is there a more massive reservoir of dark peoples than the sub-continent of China ? There are more than one billion, that’s a thousand million, son, there in that miserable country of China, and 99 percent of them would love to scramble to the United States. Millions of them already have done so. But they need a “moral” issue, they used to be “refugees” from a tyrannical government to really open wide the flood gates into our fair country. What has happened in China in the last month provides the perfect scenario, almost as if it was scripted in Jew Hollywood itself. We will see many more scenes of killings, shootings, brutality on our TV screens, and I predict our Jew controlled government will indeed open wide the floodgates to endless hordes of Chinese. What better and quicker way of drowning what is left of White America in a flood of mud ? It will happen just as planned, and as this issue of Racial Loyalty goes to press developments are rapidly unfolding to insure sanctuary in the U.S. for all Chinese students (over 40,000) now “studying” here. If our readers will remember, about a year ago we told you of the million Chinese agricultural workers who were brought to this country (by JOG) last year ostensibly to pick produce (which the White Man has decided he is too good to pick himself). It now appears that JOG may have been just softening us up a little and testing the waters as to how much more the “melting pot” was prepared to take. As “Operation Chinese” falls into place, remember what Racial Loyalty has been telling you all along about it.

(Racial Loyalty : Issue No. 55 – October 1989)

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