Racial Hygiene

What do we mean by Eugenics? Basically it means racial health. All species of Nature practice it instinctively. All species, whether it is a herd of buffalo, or deer, or caribou, or a flock of ducks, do basically two things to keep the genetics of the herd or the flock healthy : (a) there is a continuous culling out of the misfits in order to improve the genetic quality of the herd or flock (survival of the fittest), and, (b) they do not interbreed with another similar species, no matter how closely related that species may be. There are a number of outrages and humiliations that are worse than death, and there are a number of causes than an honourable person would consider dying for. In Nature’s Eternal Religion Ben Klassen have titled the first part of the book ‘The Unavenged Outrage.” In this dissertation we want to examine in more detail one of such outrages the Jew is perpetrating on Nature’s Finest, an outrage that is so heinous that it supersedes all others, and one that can only be avenged and paid for in blood. It is an outrage that is being perpetrated before our eyes, every day of the year, and has been going on for centuries. What the Jew is doing to the White Race is surreptitiously poisoning our White gene pool, pulling the White Race down slowly but surely, until we will be a miserable and shameful mass of idiotic zombies, docile, stupid and ready to be the willing slaves of the treacherous Jew. Does that sound fantastic? Look around you, my dear White racial kinsman. You need not be a genius nor be clairvoyant to see the White Race slowly but surely being drawn into the maelstrom of mongrelization. Every scene on the Jewish boob-tube clearly tells you so. Every ad in the Jewish newspapers, magazines and other media glorifies the mixed-race as the role model for the coming “new age.”

Racial Hygiene – Medicine Under the Nazis
Its author, Robert N. Proctor, ostensibly takes the position that what the Nazis did was awful, of course, a position most writers today are forced to take if they want to get their books published. However, what he does say is highly informative and speaks for itself. We can learn much from what not only the Germans did in the research of genetics, but what the worldwide fraternity of scientists and doctors did long before Hitler’s Nazi government began to put much of the known scientific knowledge and conclusions into practice. In his first chapter, The Origins of Racial Hygiene, the author points out that th ...

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