Aboriginal Racist Attempts Murder – Blames Whitey

Victim was ‘like when you kill a kangaroo’

Andrew Dowdell, Court Reporter: The Advertiser | October 23, 2008


A WHYALLA man bashed another man unconscious with a brick, left him for dead, then returned and assaulted the stricken man again, a court has heard.

Adam Sharpe knocked the man out with two punches then kicked him in the head and attacked him with a brick on Milsom St at Whyalla in January.

Sharpe, 24, told a friend he was unsure if he had killed his victim – then returned to the scene and attacked the prone man again with the brick.

The victim suffered numerous skull and facial fractures and had steel plates inserted to hold his skull together.

Sharpe recounted the brutal attack in graphic detail.

“I just kept punching and told him that’s what you get for messing with me … I took a run-up and kicked him in the head,” Sharpe said.

“Then I picked up a brick and smashed in his knees and ankles … he was breathing like when you kill a kangaroo.”

The victim was unable to remember any of the attack, which Sharpe claims started when the man allegedly called him a “black c..t.”

Prosecutor Rosie Thewlis said Sharpe left the victim “for dead” and later threatened to kill a friend and his wife if they rang an ambulance for help. [more …]

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen the same thing happen. As a kid it was the Greeks and Italians that would declare, “He called me a wog!” whenever they were caught in the act of violence against another student. It wasn’t that they had been called a “Wog” (usually they weren’t), but that they had learned at a young age that any accusation of racial bigotry was enough for them to get away with … with anything they wish. And it’s the same with Australian Aboriginals, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Arabs and Jews, ad nauseam. For violent elitist Southern Europeans and non-Whites, this is the excuse they use throughout their lives. The problem for the rest of us is, it works.

Of course, the same tactic doesn’t work in reverse. And that’s the pity of it, because more White people with racial origins in North Western Europe are victims of what are now generally referred to as “Hate Crimes” than Southern Europeans and non-Whites. Yet when Whitey, Anglo, or White C..t tells the truth about racial abuse he or she has received prior to becoming the victim of a violent assault or (rarely) successfully defending themselves against an oncoming onslaught, he or she is either totally ignored or treated as if he or she is the criminal and the half a dozen non-Whites that attacked him are free to go kick another “White C..t” unconscious.

I have seen it. I have lived it. It is a fact.

And you can expect the star of this article to be given a reduced sentence with emphasis on rehabilitation rather than the punishment he rightly deserves. By law, his Aboriginality must be taken into account during sentencing.

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