Jews List You – Why Can’t You List Them?

Following is a bit of history and proof that the oh-so-victimised Jewish groups really are a pack of vile rats that try to impose rules upon the rest of us that they have no intention of following themselves.

So why should I follow any of these Jewish imposed rules? To put it simply, I don’t and neither should you.

I did not see the Jewish rag mentioned below, but I was told at the time that I was one of those on that list. And after having my name combined with a relation’s address smeared across the internet by what are supposed to be advocates of White pride, Communists and Jews, I feel I have every right to publish any addresses and other information I am able to obtain on any person or persons who oppose me or my beliefs.

Incidentally, it’s not illegal to publish names and addresses in this country, it is just frowned upon.


Anger as One Nation members named

Leading article from the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald | July 10, 1998

By Greg Roberts, Andrew Clennell and Nick Papadopoulus

A furore has erupted over the publication by a Jewish magazine of the names of 2,000 One Nation members and donors, with the move dividing the Jewish community and prompting threats of legal action by the party.

“We think it is ironic that the Jewish people, who have been so persecuted, are using such tactics now to persecute One Nation members,” said the party’s national director, Mr David Ettridge.

The names appear in this week’s edition of the Australia/Israel Review.

In the wake of the backlash, the magazine’ publishers decided last night not to proceed with plans to publish a further 8,000 names in future editions.

“We feel we have made our point,” said Mr Mark Leibler, the chairman of the Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council, the magazine’s publisher.

The magazine’s editor, Mr Michael Kapel, defended publishing the names as a reasonable response to One Nation’s refusal to allow its own members access to membership lists.

“One Nation members are not even able to contact each other without facing the threat of expulsion,” Mr Kapel said.

“We were given the list by senior One Nation people who are concerned at the stranglehold over the party held by David Ettridge and David Old ...

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