TCM – A History of Mendacity and Obfuscation

For those that are not in the know, TCM is an abbreviation that refers to a group who call themselves “The Creativity Movement.” Prior to TCM’s formation in 2003, any reference to “the Creativity Movement” was in relation to all Creators, no matter what their status was within The Church. Since that date, things have changed. The name is now more or less owned by the group calling themselves “The Creativity Movement,” and can no longer be used as a blanket reference to all Creators. In Australia, the name “creativity movement” is a registered trademark (sealing date, October 8 of 2008) purchased by TCM’s local representative in Melbourne, Patrick O’Sullivan.

TCM has now been in existence for five years. Over those five years the only thing they have accomplished was to retard the advancement of Creativity to such a degree that there were genuine fears that Creativity would never recover. We are talking of a drop from thousands of members and financial supporters of the old Church under Matt Hale, to roughly a dozen malcontents that pester everyone they come into contact with, demanding your donations, personal details and allegiance. That is why over the years different Creators and groups have tried without success to restore some of the former glory to Creativity by mirroring the former organisational structure so successfully used by Matt Hale. Each has failed due to one reason: Enmity with TCM. TCM’s two main tactics are lies and the revealing of personal information to the greater world, resulting in police raids and arrests of any that TCM perceive to be rivals to their presumed domination. That behaviour needs to be exposed to the light of day. Hopefully this article will wake some people up and help to either alter the treachery that stems from TCM leadership, or shut TCM down for good.

Following is a post I wrote for Creator Forum. The post begins with a reference to the latest in a long line of false accusations by TCM. In this instance, TCM are claiming that someone with the Creativity Alliance is trying to falsely claim they have donated US$600 to the Matt Hale Legal Defence Fund. This doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that the Creativity Alliance is not a gang, club or [Edit: at the time of writing this post] organisation so it would be stupid of anyone to donate money towards Matt’s defence and declare themselves to be “members” of the Creativity Alliance.

Note: Keep in mind that this article and the following post are very rare occurrences for us. While TCM continue their illiterate internet tirade of denouncing everyone not part of their gang as working for the JOG or Jews, the rest of Creativity does make an effort to avoid falling into TCM’s trap of tit-for-tat school yard bitch slapping. Despite best intentions, I know that this article along with the included post from Creator Forum will be taken as falling into that category. Be that as it may, the following information may or may not help Creativity in the long run … but it sure as hell can’t harm it.


There is no evidence anyone sent or pretends to have sent $600 and claim to be part of the Creativity Alliance. It appears to be something TCM invented to try and libel us. It’s a well worn tactic of theirs that they never tire of using.

TCM have a long history of using outright lies when they are unable to get their own way. They live in fear of losing their standing as the largest organization dedicated soley to Creativity – which is odd considering that TCM is the only organization (all 12 of them) dedicated soley to Creativity. The Creativity Alliance and other small groups are not organizations. We/they are just groups of like minded people who follow the religion of Creativity and have learned by personal experience that TCM are no more than a gang of money hungry reprobates who care not an ounce for the legacy of our founder, Ben Klassen, or the future of PM Hale. Following is a list of their accomplishments:

  • In 2003 after PM Hale was kidnapped by the JOG, TCM devolved from the highly successful organization previously known as the World Church of the Creator into the gang we know today. The first action of their new leader, Reverend Adam Jacobs – Hasta Primus, was to ban the mention of PM Hale on websites under his control. Jacobs reasoned that Matt Hale was a criminal and mention of him on Church websites would look bad for Creativity. It was another year before PM Hale was openly mentioned on a TCM website. To this day members of TCM continue to abuse, threaten and denounce non-TCM members that mention PM Hale. Their accomplishment: Preventing awareness of PM Hale’s predicament becoming a focal point for Creators and non-Creators alike.
  • TCM leadership had (and still have no understanding of web design and site maintenance). They found that their illogical and counterproductive orders were not being obeyed by the webmasters and forum moderators, so they blamed the demise of the old Church on them and threw everyone out of TCM that was capable of website design and management. Those that did not leave quietly, were denounced publicly as traitors to the cause. TCM then out sourced the creation of a single website by a non-Creator and now rely on the generosity of C18 to host their website. Their accomplishments: The temporary end of Creativity as a legitimate religion and the successful morphing of TCM into an internet forum based gang.
  • In 2005 TCM began working with anti-fascist anarchists to hack into non-TCM Creator sites. (It appears that anti-fa approve of TCM methods for the advancement of Creativity.) Their accomplishment: To maintain their own status at the detriment of Creativity.
  • In 2002, Reverend Patrick O’Sullivan – self proclaimed leader of Australia, tried to register the name World Church of the Creator as a trademark [in Australia]. Te-Ta-Ma objected to the trademark on the grounds that the application was false because it would have been owned by PM Hale rather than O’Sullivan. Although Te-Ta-Ma could not prove their case, O’Sullivan refused to front Te-Ta-Ma lawyers in a trademark court and subsequently lost the registration. Further compounding on the loss of the trademark was O’Sullivan’s oft-stated lie that he went to court and only lost because a “traitor” opposed him.Their accomplishment: Using a  fictitious trademark hearing, TCM was able to pass the blame for their own failure to register WCOTC onto others.
  • After Reverend Adam Jacobs’ arrest, Reverend James Logsdon became Hasta Primus of TCM and in no time at all declared himself to be Pontifex Maximus. Brother Michael Cook of Pennsylvania then travelled to Illinois to meet with Logsdon and presented him with a payment of $1,000 in cash for life membership of TCM. When Cook began to arrange a Free Matt Hale Rally in York – Pennsylvania, Logsdon denounced Cook as not part of the “official” Creativity Movement. Michael Cook has since moved on with his life. Their accomplishments: Loss of an active and accomplished pre-TCM Creator; the successful pocketing of $1,000; and prevention of the York and any subsequent Free Matt Hale rallies.
  • In the period of 2004 to 2006, a lone Creator attempted to have a Free Matt Hale CD produced. When TCM heard of this, they denounced the lone Creator as a traitor and declared that they were already doing the same thing. This resulted in some of the bands pulling out and the Creator with the original inspiration dropping the CD. He reasoned that if TCM can produce their own Free Matt Hale CD, then anything he could do, might result in a drop of sales for TCM and less funds getting to PM Hale. TCM did not follow through with the production of a Free Matt Hale CD. Their accomplishment: Prevention of the production of a Free Matt Hale CD and all of the good that would have come out of that.
  • In 2008 Victor Gaines paid $800 for the domain name It was bought knowing the possibility that the money could go to TCM. At the time, Gaines thought that keeping that domain name out of the hands of anti-fa groups was a good thing. Since then, TCM have denied receiving payment for that domain name and claim it was stolen from them. Whether it was TCM or that received payment no longer matters. All that counts is that the $800 was paid in full and the domain name continues continued to be used for the benefit of all Creators. Their accomplishment: Attracting attention to themselves by masquerading as the victims of a conspiracy to steal a domain name (that perhaps no longer belonged to them) that was up for general sale for a period of at least two years. Update: Gaines has since given the domain name to TCM. The CA are still blamed for Gaines’ purchase of the name and TCM continue to plead victim – although they now own it.
  • After PM Hale’s abduction by the JOG, a traitor obtained and sold the entire cache of over 4,000 of Creativity’s holy books to the Montana Human Rights Network. With the survival of Creativity reliant on the availability of its holy books, TCM began asking for and accepting donations for more books to be printed. After five years, TCM have not printed any books and they are still begging for donations. Their accomplishments: Lining their pockets with the good intentions of others, and preventing (until recently) the reprint of the holy books. Thereby driving up resale value of the few remaining books for more profit.
  • Making use of PM Hale’s Post Office Box, TCM have successfully diverted five years worth of donations the Matt Hale Legal Defence Fund into their own pockets. Their accomplishment: While PM Hale rots in a JOG hell-hole, TCM leadership party’s on.
  • To anyone who at any time that has taken TCM pronouncements as gospel truth, I suggest you take a relook at their history. You have been lied to before by TCM leadership. You are being lied to now by TCM leadership. And you will continue to be lied to by TCM leadership. In the five short years of their existance, TCM has driven out almost every member of the old Church and they have managed to almost completely destroy any credibility that Creativity ever had.

    Metaphorically speaking: TCM is a putrescent worm residing in the bowels of Creativity that should have been excreted five years ago. Avoid TCM. Do not play their games and do not encourage them, and eventually they will whither and die of their own accord.