Advice for the 40 Year Old Divorced Male: Women to Avoid

Hello to any single or divorced forty year old men reading this. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the read. If you are a woman, however, I warn you now, you are not going to like what you are about to read, so if you have any sense, and I doubt very much that you do, I suggest you … No, on second thoughts, read it. Your abusive comments accusing me of being sexist and misogynistic will give me a laugh. So bring it on.

Onto the article.

The first thing you must understand is that not every woman can be categorised as I have done below. However, although I have left out a lot of possible categories that the typical woman could be slotted into, so many women fit into the categories that I choose to make use of, that I believe my chosen form of categorisation will suffice … at least for now. And yet, despite my obstinate categorisations, if, and do emphasise if you are lucky, you might be able to meet that special someone sitting quietly on a barstool in a nightclub, immune from her flocking friends with their eternal cry of “Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!” Or you may find the self sufficient, centre of the party but moralistic type who berates her flocking friends for their behaviour, but mostly you will find that women who do not fall into my categories will not be found in the typical singles joints, nor will they be old girlfriends that attach themselves to you after a gap of twenty or more years. Despite the odds I still wish you good luck in your search.

The second thing is that some of what you read is from my personal experiences, and some of it (especially the Eighteen to Twenty-One category) is from observations. To sum it up, this is really a list of the types of women that men, in particularly those in their forties, should avoid. ~ Ladies, if you find yourself filled with the same contempt as the average male is for these categories of women, then congratulations on not being one of the parasitic, feminine dregs of society.

Women with Money/Golden Pheasants: It doesn’t really matter how much they have, what matters is whether they have more money than you. A lot of men have the idea that as long as they work, they are a good catch for any woman. Well, you’re not. You might be a good catch for one of a lower socio-economic status than you, but the average woman expects her man to keep her at a socio-economic status above her own status. It is your task in life to buy, buy, and buy her everything that she desires but cannot afford. In other words, keep to women who will appreciate you for what you have, rather than regret what they cannot have because as far as they are concerned, you are nothing but a poor son-of-a-bitch. Worse still, any man who finds himself struggling just to pay the bills at home for any reason – no matter how well off he is – and is therefore unable to treat his lady to anything she demands when she demands it, might as well dump her lazy feminist behind back on her favourite barstool where he found her and walk out before she realises what he has done. If you think for a second she enjoys paying her own way on a night out with you, then think again. Your lady friend does not appreciate being put in a position where she is forced to use her own finances when she has a man whom she (as a two faced feminist) expects to pay for absolutely everything. Her money is not for food and bills. Her money is for a good time for her! Your money is ours. Remember that no matter whether you are are management or labourer, you are all in the same boat when it comes to women. The only difference being the newly self employed, whom some women will feel a little compassion for and will at least give a fair go before they decide that they are not going to profit from the relationship and it all turns sour. As for the unemployed, you haven’t got a hope in hell of picking up anything longer than a one night stand unless you are prepared to accept women of low socio-economic status, limited intelligence and a rear-end like the back of a bus. Also remember that according to most women, unemployed men don’t even have a backbone, so learn to shrug off the abuse you will undoubtedly get for daring to even speak to a woman of whatever calibre she happens to believe she is.

Women of Low Socio-Economic Status and Limited Intelligence: Often from ordinary working class families and with a father fixation, women of low socio-economic status and limited intelligence generally need to cling to a man like a blood sucking parasite to obtain a home and a life for themselves. You know the type – a can short of a six-pack. No, they don’t all have a severe deficiency in front teeth and play the banjo, but they are easy to recognise if you drop that ridiculous expectation. Just talk to them. It’s not difficult, they might be cunning, but their lack of intelligence will play into your favour. If you listen you will know which ones to avoid.

If you don’t learn to recognise the parasitic woman for what she is, she will in all possibility have moved into your home within a week to a month of meeting her, and over a period of three to twelve months your life will become a complete misery.

Often these parasitic women will find another man more to their liking and will turn on you as if you are an enemy to be defeated at all costs. In this event, the parasitic woman will take any of three approaches to your removal from her life. The first and most common is to call the local police and have you removed for imagined breaches of the domestic violence code. If this is the case, you will most likely no longer be allowed to return to your home, and your home and contents will in the long run be forfeit to your former lady friend and her new, but equally parasitic boyfriend. This can also be followed by harassment of your family, friends and workplace to such an extent that to outward appearances, it will look like your roles have been reversed and you are now the out of work, homeless criminal whom your family, friends and society at large despise, while your former lady friend lives in your former home, maintaining her status at your expense. Your life as you once knew it is now over.

A large problem for many males is that they never recover from an episode like this and sink into depression and alcoholism, become bitter and twisted and die an early death.

The second and least likely approach that the parasitic woman will take is to find an accomplice (male or female, in this case it doesn’t matter), and together they will remove every possession from your home and clear out your bank accounts. Anything they don’t keep for themselves, they will pawn at the local trader. The unwise male will arrive home to an empty house and an empty bank balance, telephone the police and discover that they will refuse to get involved because unless you decide to harass the lady, and thereby they will arrest you. If this happens to you, consider yourself lucky the above approach hasn’t been used against you, and find a way to get on with your life.

The third and most accepted by modern society is for your new live in lady friend to become pregnant and abandon you either before or after the birth, demanding a lifetime of child support and livelihood from you. Society demands that you as the man take financial responsibility for the child, and for that reason, the child’s mother will now have a permanent wedge to use against you. Often she will return to the marital home and over time will eventually have two or more fathers on the go at one time, both or all financing her lifestyle and status within the community while blaming each other for the way they have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the parasitic woman.

The parasitic type of woman is known by moralistic women as the home wrecker – but only when the moralistic woman see themselves as the victim. If this is not the case, the moralistic woman will almost definitely side with the parasitic woman, be inclined to agree that all men are bastards and allowing her truly immoral, feminist beliefs to come to the fore will declare that no woman would ever treat a man in such a way or use a child so callously.


Football Freaks: They can follow any sport really; these are the types of women that scream at the television no matter whether their team scores or fails to score a point, openly lust after their favourite footballers and have a past history of association with football teams or clubs.

For some men, their lives are totally wrapped up in the football game and it is very easy for these men to form a bond with the female football freak. There is nothing wrong with that. If that is your thing, then go with it.

However, if you are a male who likes football but perhaps not to the extent that your football freak of a lady friend does, or even worse – you don’t like football, then you can forget pursuing any relationship with her. To her, any man who does not absolutely and positively worship football like she does, is not only less of a man than she deserves, but to her he an incomplete man. She may begin with a few jokes about your lack of manhood in relation to whatever sport she is interested in at that moment, but it will soon turn to outright abuse. The best thing to do is to offer to take her to the local football club where she can watch the game on the big screen. The moment you get her to the club car-park, tell her you want nothing at all to do with her again, and that the type of man she prefers to get her jollies from is waiting inside for her, and then leave. Also, if your football freak of a woman happens to have any of her belongings at your home, make sure you have her bag packed and ready to go with her – after all, you don’t want to create another problem for yourself – just remove one.

This action is a bit of reverse psychology as well as therapy for yourself all rolled into one. The average man should feel relieved that he took control of the situation and removed an abusive element from his life by thrusting it upon some other poor devil. Meanwhile, the woman in question will most likely think in terms of revenge by entering the football club, all the while thinking that you it’s some kind of test and that you though she would not enter – and therefore you will be punished. It is a little convoluted, but in the end, you get rid of a minor problem before it becomes a major one.


Women of ages Eighteen to Twenty-One:
Too young. At that age, they blend to easily with the early developing fourteen year olds; and the last thing you want is a lying brat of a fourteen year old to have you marked out as a paedophile for the rest of your life. Let’s face it, society will turn a blind eye to paedophilia, provided it was committed by someone of a similar age group to the young girl. If you were nineteen and had sexual relations with a minor, society accepts that in some instances there is room for doubt, but not at age forty. At that age, society sees you are a dirty old man, fiddling with little girls. It doesn’t matter if she seems mature, passes for twenty-one and looks like Dolly Parton on oestrogen, you will be charged, convicted and marked for life as a paedophile.


Twenty-One to Thirty: Usually looking for Mr Moneybags or pushing a pram, or both. May have half a dozen screaming kids in tow and is looking for the next sucker to start paying her regular child support (22% of the working man’s wage, last time I looked). If single and an office worker, they are often just younger versions of the Thirty to Forty-Five category.


Thirty to Forty-Five: The average thirty to forty-five year old single woman falls into two categories.

The first are the social climbers. Like magpies, they are out for the gold trimmings of life. Prim and proper, they usually think they are to good to even speak to the average male and expect to be waited on hand and foot by their supplicants. They always put an effort into their make-up, hair, clothes and figure, and wont settle for anything less than the yuppie male types that they are on the hunt for. If your description matches theirs and you have the right job along with the right amount of money, they will hook on with their blood red painted claws until something gives – and then they will take their cut and move on up the ladder. They are easy to recognise, and unless you are a metrosexual yuppie, you have absolutely nothing to worry about because they will avoid you as if you have the plague.

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The second type are wild spirited, good time forty year old girls going on nineteen but looking closer to fifty. They are most commonly divorced or freshly separated after leaving their decades long dead-end marriages. They are either overweight or grotesquely thin, haggard of face, rarely wear make-up, make minimal effort with their hair, and if they do make an effort with their clothing, then it’s usually mutton dressed like lamb. Uninformed but dedicated followers of the Hillary Clinton, woman empowering, pant suit style of clothing, they often prefer to wear men’s clothing with one feminine article of clothing thrown in. Mostly office workers, these women are to be found in business district cafés on working days chugging down trendy caffeine beverages in desperate effort to recover from the antics of the previous night. In the late afternoon to early evening, they gather together at the cafés to meet girlfriends from other offices, drink a copious amount of alcoholic cocktails, and eventually graduate to the nightclubs later that night where the serious self abuse and the hunt for cashed up men will begin. Their weekends are spent going out with their girlfriends prowling for gullible men willing to buy them for the night with alcohol and drugs. They are essentially pill popping, middle aged party whores who don’t care for anything other than where to score the next drink, the next toke of the bong, the next party pill to pop and the next sexual conquest. For them, booze is a way to relax and drugs in all sorts of combinations are the prime method to enhance the wild sexual adventures that they crave so much. They can be fun for the average man provided he is drunk enough to appreciate them, but never make the mistake of taking them home, because you may never get rid of them. Also, you must always beware that with the combination of alcohol and drugs these women for the most part rely on to get their jollies, you may find yourself waking up with the wrong kind of stiffy and wind up being charged with rape and murder through no fault of your own. Watch out for this type of woman – especially on cruise ships and package tours.

Unfortunately, these party whores often latch onto males outside their work and party environment. The male being unaware of the true nature of the party whore he has hooked up with, will usually accept her as the stable, honest, kind and hard working potential life partner that she appears to be. Big mistake. The party whore may want a stable home life, but she is addicted to a lifestyle of booze, drugs and uninhibited, casual sex.

The average male being an honest fellow and expecting honesty in return, is only too willing to accept his girlfriend, fiancée or newly wed wife going out with her girlfriends on a harmless girls night out. So your girlfriend promised that she will be home at ten or eleven, but definitely way before twelve? Sucker! She might be telling the truth as she feels it then and there, but in a party whore’s mind, the night doesn’t begin until midnight. So try two, three, four or even around dawn the next morning when the party whore staggers in drugged to the eyeballs, alternately demanding rough, wild sex and to be left alone so she can go to sleep. Don’t go for the sex, you don’t know where she has been, and the party whore most probably has already had her sex fill for the night with one or several men, possibly all at once, that night. Leave her to rest and wash other men’s and probably women’s sweat and odour from her no longer youthful body before you even go near her again. Suspicious and want to check for evidence of sexual misconduct? Get real, at this stage you wont because you are as trusting a fellow as you are honest. If you are a little less trusting than is the norm, don’t bother to look for evidence of sexual misconduct either, the party whore is a professional slut who always ensures that her men wear protection (available for the cost of a coin or two from the vending machines inside all good nightclub toilet facilities). And don’t ask about her night expecting her to reveal any little peccadilloes. The party whore believes she is as honest as the day is long, and lives in blissful oblivion as to what she gets up to when drugged to the eyeballs. Even if she does retain any memory from her sexual encounters on that or any other night, she believes she was only having woman empowering fun, and it is none of your business what she does when she’s out with her “girlfriends.” If she feels any guilt at all, it will only last until the moment you begin to annoy her again by being yourself – the opposite of everything she craves.

The average, trusting fellow might at this time – or perhaps he will wait and watch this happen several more times before he decides to reassess his situation. Another sign of the party whore is that she likes to talk endlessly about the goings on of the various office staff at her place of employment. She may do this so much that you feel that you are already on intimate terms with all of her work colleagues – her real friends. You will know that some are male, some are female, some are boyfriend and girlfriend, and some are single and some are married, and some get together for a little infidelity on what you still stubbornly think of as a girls nights out. You will also know that some of her work colleagues will meet up with their spouses at the office worker’s drinking establishment of choice. So you will probably get to thinking and suggest to your lovely lady that perhaps next time she and her work colleagues decide to have a night out on the town, you could arrange to meet with them. As reasonable as this sounds, it will be rejected out of hand and you will be told that they are not your type of people. You can accept this as if you are not good enough for her friends. However, that is only part of what she means, because whether she realises it or not, the party whore doesn’t want you around to cramp her style.

And what is her style? Alcohol, drugs and sex. Nothing more.

You can naively try suggesting going out together somewhere. Perhaps a restaurant or a meal at the local tavern, maybe a drive in the country, but depending on how much time is left on the relationship clock, the effort will be wasted. If rejected, it’s because the party whore will most likely have had enough of your boring lifestyle and want nothing to do with staid drives in the country and restaurants, and what’s more, she will tell you so. No matter what you suggest, she will be against it for the simple reason that you are involved. This is the cue that whether she knows it or not she has decided to move on and find someone else to replace you. Someone she thinks she can “party” with. When your party whore goes out with her girlfriends, she is no longer just going out looking for a good time, but she is going out on the hunt, looking – perhaps unconsciously – for a replacement for you. In the meantime, she is out there networking, mentally ticking the boxes of the men around her, looking for Mr Right. In all probability, the party whore will pick another average male like yourself and repeat the pattern every six months to a year until she reaches about forty-five to fifty when the partying and age combined takes its toll on what’s left of her looks and men begin to openly reject her. However, for the moment, how long the next man lasts, depends on how many mental boxes the party whore has ticked in his favour – and mutual drug abuse and drug supply fill at least three quarters of a party whore’s mental boxes.

However, at this precise moment, the party whore hasn’t left you yet. You may have just woken up and realised exactly what type of woman you are dealing with. Get rid of her now! Even if you feel it’s a little extreme to accuse her of being a party whore, you have plenty of other reasons: She has more or less said that she is ashamed to be seen with you in public, you are not good enough for her friends and you’ll probably have found that you are not good enough for her family by this stage as well. You could even just tell her that you no longer have anything common. However you do it, just get rid of her from your life.

The party whore will react like any woman after being dumped, however, unlike a normal woman, she will have a sense of relief, because she is now free to move on without you acting as the eternal anvil on her lifestyle. She might even express the desire to remain friends. Agree and let her go, but forget it! Friendship is out of the question. If you are not her drug supplier, you will never be the party whore’s friend. She sees absolutely no use for you in her life whatsoever. Besides that, she does not want her new boyfriend to learn from you, the bitter truth of her abhorrent nature. If you think you need to test it, wait six months and surprise her with a knock on her door. You will find that her lifestyle has not changed, she has another boyfriend, and any attempt at friendship is knocked back with a smile and the announcement that the party whore has plans with a girlfriend. You are in the way. Get out before you make a fool of yourself and move on with your life.

That’s how to recognise and deal with a party whore once you are stuck with her, but how does the average male recognise a party whore when she’s out of her environment, and most importantly, before he becomes entangled in a hopeless relationship? It’s quite easy. The party whore normally has a well paying job – usually as an office worker within the central business district of the city, but lives in a dilapidated, run-down, suburban hovel. The inside will look like it’s been hit by an atomic bomb! That and there will also be the obligatory bong with a bag of weed lying around to keep her happy. Of course, if you are the average man, then you are a slob so you wont notice the mess at all, but if you are like me, and your lady friend knows that you don’t appreciate her pigsty, she will become indignant and declare that she works to hard to spend all of her time cleaning and tidying.

The party whore will also take a particular delight in talking of her wild past when she was young and rock-and-rolled all night, and partied every day. She will tell you of how tried all sorts of drugs and how certain ones made her extra horny. This is both a hint and a test. The party whore is hinting that she wants you to supply her with the party drugs that will stimulate her to such a degree that you will have the wildest sex you could ever imagine as you live out all of her fantasies – which of course she has already fulfilled, but then, she will never admit that to you unless you act on all of her hints and pass all of her tests. However, if you are like me and wont tolerate the use of illegal drugs (or the abuse of legal drugs) in your presence, then you wont take the hint and you will fail the test. The party whore now knows that with you, she will never enjoy the lifestyle she craves. It’s just a matter of time before she devolves into her own true self and either you wake up to yourself and get rid of her, or she gets rid of you when you least expect it.

On the other hand, if you learn to recognise the hallmarks of the party whore, you can walk out and save yourself six months to a year of wasted life.


Women of fifty Years and Over: They are to old for you. Get your granny fixation treated and get a life.


Now you know why I choose to live alone.

Cailen, Age forty-something and divorced.