Aboriginal Gangs Control Town

PORT Augusta is heading for an “explosion” of violence because local police are failing to control rampaging gangs of youths, former policeman and Aboriginal elder Aaron Stuart has warned.

“The policing service here is the worst in the world, it should be a service to the our community but the police here are gutless to do anything,” he said.

“What they do is send one carload to a house, start a fight, then send a text or ring their friends who are in two other cars around the corner and then they also join in,” he said.

“If nothing is done these people will go on doing what they are until there is an explosion and then the police will come in and act once it is too late.”

“I need help here, this is my community – police will do their stint here and leave – but I live here and there are victims here that need support but are not getting any,” he said.

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