The Goodies – South Africa

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South Africa is an episode of the British comedy television series The Goodies.
This episode is also known as “Apartheight” and as “A South African Adventure”.

The Goodies make an advertisement for South Africa. However, the South African Tourist Agent is unhappy with what they have done.

The enraged agent forces the Goodies to emigrate to South Africa, where the old segregation of apartheid is replaced by the new segregation of apartheight (apart-height). Tim and Graeme are tall enough not to be affected — but Bill is not quite tall enough. Bill, and the South African jockeys, are now treated as the new niggers of South Africa, and are put under curfew.

South African Tourism Agent: “You make it look as though South Africa is full of black people having a good time!”
Tim: “Well, it is full of black people!”
South African Tourism Agent: “But they’re not having a good time!”

Possibly the most controversial of all The Goodies episodes, South Africa has only been shown once on BBC2 (and to the best of my knowledge, never in Australia – Cailen). The BBC apparently disliked the team dipping into serious social satire, and tried to stop the programme from being broadcast completely.

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