The Role of Women in Creativity

By Sister L.T.

What is a woman’s role in the Church and in Creator society? In an audio tape recorded by Sister L.T., entitled “The Women’s Frontier: A New Chapter In Church History,” our sister addressed this issue, amongst others, for it is the most basic issue that confronts our women today on a philosophical and ideological point of view. First, let us look at the Church organizational structure to address this question. While the Church first and foremost views women’s most natural and important role to be that of mother to beautiful White children and loving wives to our glorious White men, our women members, just as our male Creators, can become ordained Reverends and rise to positions of influence. This fact proves that Creativity has always respected women’s ideas and leadership abilities. If that were not the case, the position of Reverend would be closed to women, but it is freely open to any woman wishing to attain higher rank and demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of Creativity and the teachings of our Founder, Ben Klassen. It is of great propaganda value for us to always make this fact known to our enemies and Jew detractors, (especially those in the media) who take such pleasure in depicting racialist organizations as being “anti-Woman” or completely closed to female leadership or advancement.

Let us never forget Ben Klassen’s admiration of Queen Isabella of Spain, a highly intelligent woman who courageously and cleverly masterminded military expeditions and set the moral and racial tone of Spain by expelling the perfidious Jews and mongrel hordes. Yes, indeed, she filled the role of wife and mother admirably, but Ben Klassen recognized that women can be leaders and have the capability and talent to make a tremendous impact on the world stage.

White men and women today are living through the equivalent of wartime. We truly are at war, even though it is “undeclared.” In a war, do we reject talented, capable, disciplined soldiers who present themselves for service? Of course not! To do so would put us on the path to defeat very fast. We must utilize all the talent, all the brainpower and man and womanpower we can get, especially when 99% of the White male population has completely and utterly abdicated and abandoned their responsiblity to defend the Race. If this sad and depressing fact were not the case, our womenfolk wouldn’t be needed to step into front-line, defensive positions at all. There is a vacuum of leadership at this time in the history of the embattled White race, and one that our menfolk must honestly look within themselves to explain. Therefore, leadership is a legitimate and necessary role at this time which women in our Church can fill. As a woman, I am proud to be a member of Creativity, and proud to say that our Leader, Reverend Matt Hale has recognized and understood that ignoring the variety of contributions our women can make to this Holy fight for our survival is, on a logical basis, counterproductive and foolish. We Creators take pride in analyzing situations and issues from a logical perspective, rather than through the veil of emotion or Christ-INSANITY, which has been largely responsible for the notion that the ONLY role of a woman is wife and mother. Since we Creators utterly reject the Jew-Day-O Christian “ethic”, we must necessarily reject many of its idiotic biblical superstitious views about women.

From a purely strategical standpoint, it has never made sense to think we could win this battle with only 50% of the White population as active participants in the struggle! Only a People’s Revolution can ultimately succeed, which includes men, women, and children. History confirms this fact for us, most notably when the German people rose up to reclaim their racial heritage. Men, women and German Youth all had important roles to play in fighting for the White Cause. German women performed many functions which held the entire country together.

In keeping with the idea that White women in the Church occupy a variety of roles, Sisters in Creativity serve our Race as wives, mothers, ministers, activists, distributing literature, writing articles and essays, creating websites on the Internet, publishing newsletters, contributing money, time and talent, as speakers, thinkers, and role models to show other women the Creed of Creativity and educate them that being White and Proud is the ONLY way we will ever survive as a Race. For the first time in the history of racial activism, women with children can get on the Internet and promote Creativity without ever leaving home or taking away from their family responsibilities. This technology can be utilized by women at all stages of life – our young mothers, our older women activists who have acquired organizing abilities and skills, and our teenage young women who are learning about their racial identity.

The fact that the Church made a public commitment to women’s racial education by forming the Women’s Frontier Chapter is an indication that we are serious about giving a voice to women, unlike most other racialist organizations who either totally ignore the needs of women within their ranks and actually demean or insult them, or refuse to establish any sort of organized women’s chapters. Brothers and Sisters, this “tactic” (if you can call such a failed idea, a “tactic”), is not the way to bring our People to victory. Is it any wonder that many White women, seeking a role to play within our Movement, often leave in disillusionment, searching in vain for an organization which will welcome and support them?

It must be emphasized that while we recognize that women can play a variety of roles within the Church, Nature’s Eternal laws clearly show that men and women are not “equal.” They are not “alike” – a truly anti-woman idea which the Jew feminists such as Gloria Steinman and Betty Friedan have pushed onto our brainwashed womenfolk. We recognize that the highest and most natural role for a woman is as a mother to White children, raising them in a home filled with love, discipline, order and racial education and pride. Without capable women ready and able to bring White children into the world and fulfill these vital objectives, we know what the dire consequences will be: the extinction of the White race. As wives of proud White men, our women must devote themselves to fulfilling the all-important role of standing by their men, come what may, through thick and thin, and through the most difficult tests of courage and fortitude they will ever experience in their lives. Our women must be dependable people who can be counted on to hold home and family life together, while our men may be persecuted, imprisoned and worse. These are not responsiblities or roles for weak-willed women whose racial beliefs are built on shifting sands. Indeed, these duties go far beyond mere “roles” such as actors on a stage perform by learning lines in a conveniently pre-written script – these are high CALLINGS to be fulfilled by women of integrity and honor.

White women must also devote themselves to being helpmates, friends, Comrades and supporters to White male Comrades who are sincerely and courageously giving their lives to fighting JOG and standing against the tide of mud hordes, fighting terrible odds. A woman’s sympathy, listening ear, and love can often spell the difference between a man being able to stand up and go on, or falling into the pit of despair. Her role is to keep him on his feet, ready to fight the battle another day. She must banish pessimism and buoy his optimism at every possible opportunity. There will be many, many challenging times as the racial war heats up for our Sisters to fill these powerful and necessary roles. If our women aren’t there, or they loose their faith and courage, it will have a devastating effect on the morale of our men – husbands, brothers, fathers, sons, friends – who look to us for inspiration, as they always have in all wars throughout recorded history! This time is no different! Let us remember such role models as Diana Mosley, wife of Oswald Mosley, (Leader of the British Union of Fascists in the 1930’s), the martyred Vicki Weaver, Kathleen Metzger, Katja Lane, and countless unknown heroines throughout history who stood by their men and in many cases, were the only bright light to keep them moving onward and upward to victory!

Therefore, it is clear that Creativity fully recognizes that a woman’s role can be varied: wife and mother, first and foremost, but also leader/activist/supporter/friend, especially in this era of desperate need. When the racial battle has been won, and THIS PLANET IS OURS, life will again return to a natural rhythm of birth, family life, marriage, home, hearth. In that beautiful future era we as Creators envision, White women will continue to play absolutely vital roles in educating our White Youth to carry the banner of Creativity to future generations, thus insuring that our Race never again finds itself facing persecution, decimation and extinction at the hands of inferior muds! First, however, the battle must be fought and won. In order to do that, Creativity welcomes White Sisters into our ranks as active members – we welcome your talents, your abilities, your enthusiasm and your racial dedication, for without you, this battle cannot be won. Let us now join hands, hearts and minds as Brothers and Sisters, to win it together.


Sister L.T.
Church of Creativity U.S.A.