Women of the Creativity Revolution

By Sister L.T.

For many people, the word “revolution” evokes only one image: violence. Ben Klassen, the Founder of Creativity, clearly spelled out what he meant by revolution: a revolution of values through a racial religion for White men and women which would change their thinking. This is the essence of Creativity. Education and racial awakening must precede action. We must win the propaganda war first. There are those in our Cause who believe that if you don’t have a bomb in one hand and a gun in the other, you aren’t a “real” revolutionary. This is a fragmented and inaccurate depiction of what must be an overall approach to revolution if we are to be truly victorious and also attain a lasting victory. In reality, a revoltution is a fabric woven of many threads, and it is up to us as White women to weave ourselves into the very heart of this fabric.

We must never forget that mass revolutionary uprisings are comprised of the entire population – men, women and children, and people of all ages and backgrounds, working on a variety of levels to achieve victory. That is why the Women’s Frontier was founded, because women’s role in our Cause has often been overlooked or bypassed as being of little or no significance. The revolutionary men at that famous “tea party” in Boston harbor had wives and girlfriends who kept the freedom flame burning on the “home front,” giving their love, support, and wise advice during times of tremendous danger and sacrifice for the men who stood on the frontlines against tyranny. The women themselves were also ready to give their lives at a moment’s notice for freedom.

Violence and bloodshed are an inevitable part of all revolutions because the “powers that be,” as we well know, never relinquish their entrenched positions without the ultimate struggle. Yet, we Creators are not the instigators of this violence. In his teachings and writings, Ben Klassen always made that point clear. Instead, it is we who are the targets of violence as has been graphically shown time and time again. We are subjected to violent attacks by Jew thugs and muds simply for exercising our free speech rights. As female activists, we must ask ourselves where our greatest strengths are in promoting and creating a revolution of values as espoused by the racial religion of Creativity. It is shallow thinking to advocate that violence is the only “true” revolutionary activity, particularly in relation to women’s recruitment and women’s participation in our Holy Cause. It is shallow because it ignores the i ...

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