The “Burkhini” – Another Tax Payer Expense

Cultural worries covered

The Advertiser | June 25, 2008,22606,23930170-2682,00.html

… The “burkhini” is making a splash with Muslim students in the Riverland.

The wetsuit-style lycra costume, which covers the arms, legs and hair, has given 10 Renmark High School students the chance to learn to swim while remaining true to their culture.

Principal Paul Wilton said since the school bought the burkhinis, the students had become more active.

“We noticed that, while the boys were actively participating in events, the girls were very shy and none of them came to the school swimming carnival,” he said.

“We are a river community (and) learning to swim is a safety issue here and swimming is very much a part of the culture of this town.

The girls, who moved to Renmark from Afghanistan in the past 18 months, now take part in weekly swimming lessons at the local pool.

Sixty-Five Grand to repair a crumbling Muslim building that should be bulldozed in the middle of Adelaide. I can only wonder how much the tax payer wasted on these Muslim only bathing costumes. Next it’ll be the Abos demanding Cathy Freeman style lycra swimming costumes, and the Vietnamese lining up for free black pyjamas, webbing and M16’s to go swimming with.


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