Multiculturalism Leads to Violence in Paris and Brussels

Racist Violence in Paris and Brussels

Tiburge: The Brussels Journal | June 24, 2008

The 19th arrondissement of Paris has become a war zone between Jews and North Africans. The most recent flare-up of violence occurred on Saturday June 21. A 17-year old Jewish boy suffered several broken ribs and skull fractures during a violent assault by Mulsim youths. The boy was hospitalized in an unconscious state at Cochin Hospital where he is currently being kept in an artificial coma.

The boy, who was wearing a kippa, was walking on Rue Petit, in the 19th, when he came upon a group of 30 young persons of African origin who insulted him before beating him. Five minors were arrested, said a police source, but they have not been identified by witnesses. According to the police, the assault must be put into the context of “brawls” between groups of young Jews and North Africans. One such brawl is said to have occurred just before the beating.

Yesterday, Le Figaro analyzed the situation in the Buttes-Chaumont (the Chaumont Hills) in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, where urban warfare has become commonplace. On Sunday, Roger Madec, the socialist mayor of the 19th arrondissement, requested supplementary police units to restore order. Le Figaro reports that in the pitched battles it is sometimes difficult to discern aggressors from aggressed. In mid-June, a car chase resulted in several young Jews being arrested, “but they were the victims,” insists Sammy Ghozlan, of the Bureau of Vigilance against Anti-Semitism. “They felt compelled to stick together to protect themselves,” he said though he agrees that certain Jewish gangs are also looking for a fight.

Le Figaro notes that “The Palestinian cause, so often evoked during the anti-Semitic attacks that resurged in 2000 in France, seems to be totally forgotten… contrary to anti-Jewish stereotypes.” This is an interesting comment. Even the French media perceive a worsening of the cancer that is spreading. Now they need to apply this reasoning to all the attacks and crimes in France committed by Muslim immigrants and Africans, and they will see that the motivation is basic anti-white European hatred, like basic anti-Semitism, and not some trumped up excuse like insufficient housing.

However the authorities will rush to turn this into part of their anti-racism/anti-Semitism campaign, where aggressions against Muslims and Jews are lumped together as equally bad, and aggressions against white Europeans are almost non-events.