‘Sorry’ Excuse for Aboriginal Violence

‘Sorry’ excuse for mob violence

Phoebe Stewart: NT News | February 20th, 2008


‘Sorry’ Excuse for Aboriginal Violence

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd’s national apology to the stolen generation (Australia’s indigenous children raised by the state) has sparked a spate of racial violence in Darwin.

Five people had to be admitted to hospital after one brawl. The Caucasian men were attacked by a group of 10 Aboriginal men, who demanded that their victims “say sorry”.

A 28-year-old Territory woman watched helplessly as her friend was king-hit and kicked to the ground outside a Darwin 24-hour eatery on Sunday morning. She said three men ran at them from across the road, when they looked at the group yelling at two women.

“They just started king-hitting him. They got him on the ground and then two others came over and started kicking him,” she said.

“They kept screaming that we were not sorry at all – ‘Say sorry to us’. You just couldn’t stop them.”

The woman said three more men grabbed another Caucasian man and punched him in the middle of Smith St.

“That’s when I called the police. He managed to roll into the gutter but they kept on kicking him,” she said.

They and her friend ran to the Mitchell St police station, where they met up with other victims of the racial attack.

“The police officer said since the sorry apology on Wednesday, it had been completely out of control.”

The woman said there were four other victims of racial violence in the emergency room at Royal Darwin Hospital. Her friend had fractured ribs and bad bruising. Others had head injuries and bruises.

“I don’t know why they did it,” she said. “They’re just making it worse for everyone. It was gutless. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Another big brawl occurred at Fairway Waters in Palmerston on Saturday night.

Police said witnesses and victims of the “series” of assaults on Sunday were being questioned.

Senior Sergeant Steve Martin warned that “thugs” and “troublemakers” had no place in Darwin.

“Police take a zero tolerance approach to violence and antisocial behaviour and any assaults of this nature will be thoroughly investigated,” he said.

Constable Michael Lunney, officer-in-charge of the investigation, said he was confident police would find the men responsible for the attacks.

What you have read above is the standard treatment White people receive at the hands (and feet) of the wonderful indigenous population of Australia’s cities and towns. What is worse is that any Aboriginal caught in the area by police is not questioned, but advised to leave the area. Whereupon the politically correct police are able to safely state that they were not able to find the guilty party/ies. Police take a very tolerant approach to Aboriginal violence and antisocial behaviour and any assaults of this nature will be thoroughly covered up. On the other hand, if an Aboriginal is caught by an honest policeman who is actually doing the job he is paid for, the Aboriginal Legal Service becomes involved along with the Human Rights and (un)Equal Opportunities Commission, and the policeman in question is then at risk of loss of status, income and criminal charges.

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Krudd (Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to his suck-up, arse-licking, liberal socialist lefties), you’ve just made life that little more intolerable for White people while doing no favours for Australia’s indigenous people. Before your reign is over, I predict there to be open warfare on the streets, the like of which has never before been seen in Australia. Take a look at France, that is our future. And I hope to one day hear about your own police refusing to rescue you from a mob of blood-thirsty savages because they have finally woken up and learned to fear for their own safety. It’s only a matter of time.

Oh yes; if anybody can’t guess, I am Not Sorry! And I am proud to say so.


Update: I was wrong about the open warfare before KRudd’s reign was over, but only just …