Food fights affect Digger morale

Foot [sic] fights affect Digger morale

Ian McPherdran: The Advertiser | April 27, 2009,22606,25389862-5006301,00.html

DIGGERS risking all on the deadly battlefields of Afghanistan are fighting on a diet of tasteless gruel.

Soldiers bombarded Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon with complaints when he made a secret Anzac Day visit to Oruzgan Province on Friday.

Senior officers have conceded the poor diet is affecting morale and soldiers’ health and have ordered a study into the nutritional value of the food.

The Advertiser took the taste test on Friday at the Dutch-run mess at Tarin Kowt military base after learning of the complaints about food quality.

The tasteless slab of roast pork was submerged in a sea of equally flavour challenged gravy and the pumpkin had long since morphed from a solid vegetable to liquid gruel.

The other choice was an equally unedible turkey slice. [more …]

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In my day (22 years ago), we were forced to subsist on an orange stew that consisted of everything the bait-layers (army cooks) could throw into it. Fom tins of corned beef hash to strawberry jam, it didn’t matter whether it was a main meal or desert, it went into the pot. All I can say is, typical bloody army!

Cailen Cambeul of Oaklands Park