‘Secret’ police to use fake IDs

Nigel Hunt: The Advertiser | September 20, 2008


POLICE will have the power to create false identity documents for undercover operatives under new laws to be introduced in South Australia.

And for the first time, the identities of the undercover police officers will remain secret during court processes to prevent reprisals from criminals they help to apprehend.

Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, who will introduce the legislation into Parliament this week, said the new laws would help police fight organised crime “from the inside”.

“These laws will help expose drug trafficking, money laundering, illegal weapons trading and gang violence – including murder,” he said.

“The work of undercover police officers is critical to stopping some of the most lucrative and dangerous criminal activity in this state.”

The Criminal Investigation (Covert Operations) Bill 2008 is aimed at facilitating the wider use of undercover police officers to combat organised crime in South Australia.

It is also the first new law in the second wave of legislative measures aimed primarily at combating motorcycle gang activities.

The first wave included tighter firearms laws, riot and affray laws and measures to ban bikie gangs and stop members from associating.

The new legislation will allow police to create and use false identities – including driver’s licences and birth certificates – to investigate an offence or gather criminal intelligence.

“These laws will cover how false identity documents are applied for and on which grounds it can be granted,” he said.

“The Bill also dictates punishments for the misuse of false identities.

“It also provides greater legal certainty for covert operatives and agencies involved in undercover operations and delivers better police accountability than previous arrangements.”

A significant section of the Bill allows undercover police to give evidence in court without disclosing their true identities and potentially exposing themselves and their families to harm.

Under existing laws, an offender often learns the true identity of the undercover officer during the court process, even though the officer’s name is suppressed from publication.

“Protecting our front-line fighters in the war against criminal motorcycle gangs is paramount,” Mr Atkinson said.

“These brave and dedicated operatives need protection so that they can carry out dangerous but important investigations in the safest possible way”.

Under the new laws, false identities also will be recognised by interstate law enforcement agencies and cross-border recognition of witness protection certificates will be possible.

“Criminal bikie gangs don’t behave themselves once they’ve crossed a state border,” Mr Atkinson said.

“Sometimes they operate across different states to evade detection or capture. Cross-border recognition of South Australian undercover operations will make life easier for police and harder for criminals.”

The new legislation replaces and greatly expands the Criminal Law (Undercover Operations) Act 1995.

Those laws primarily covered the approval for such operations and gave police officers legal immunity, but did not specifically authorise the measures now being introduced.


“Protecting our front-line fighters in the war against criminal motorcycle gangs is paramount,” Mr Atkinson said.

Their usual excuse for the erosion of laws divised to protect us from a tyrannical government.

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We’ve already seen the abuse of similar powers in the United States by the FBI. Often they will plant a mole within an organisation who will then suggest, plan and go on to participate in criminal acts – usually murder, violent robbery or an act of terrorism such as the manufacture and use of home-made explosive devices.

Take the case of the Reverend Doctor Matt Hale. His ideals and speech were not appreciated by the Global Elitists who are hell-bent in the establishment of a one world order with the chosen few at the top and non-White domination of the populace in a socially dysfunctional society at the bottom. The government was unable to catch Reverend Hale in the process of planning or committing any crimes because he did not plan or commit any crimes. That is not his way.

So the FBI decided to plant a mole within Reverend Hale’s organisation – the World Church of the Creator – who not only recorded almost every conversation they ever had together, but also made numerous attempts to get Reverend Hale to authorize the murders of several different people over a number of years. Each time Reverend Hale refused to allow such actions and the FBI treated it as a setback. Finally the mole following orders from the FBI suggested the murder of a federal judge. Once again Reverend Hale refused to authorise a murder, however, the FBI ignored this fact and he was soon arrested and imprisoned on charges of domestic terrorism. Eventually Reverend Hale was convicted on the word of the mole, who claimed that while Reverend Hale was verbally against the murder of a federal judge, he was nodding and winking his approval.

‘Secret’ police to use fake IDs

Tony Evola – The Mole who wore a wire

Legal immunity from prosecution for police officers or moles and their ability infiltrate and manipulate otherwise harmless, law-abiding groups into planning and possibly carrying out criminal actions on behalf of a tyrannical government is something that everybody should fear. If police entrapment doesn’t eventuate in you being incarcerated for the term of your natural life, then you – the innocent – may still be gunned down or blown up as the result of a police undercover operation.

Don’t trust the government, and you may live a little longer.


You can write to Reverend Hale at the following address:

Matthew F. Hale
Reg. No. 15177-424
U.S. Penitentiary Max
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO
U.S.A. 81226-8500