‘Kick a black’ remark causes uproar in state parliament

Michael Owen, Political Reporter: The Advertiser | September 24, 2008


TREASURER Kevin Foley has accused State Opposition leader Martin Hamilton-Smith of being happy to “kick a black” and engage in “racism politics”.

Mr Foley went on the attack yesterday in State Parlianment after Mr Hamilton-Smith asked a question about the HomeStart Finance “Nunga Loan” scheme – a home loan package designed for Aborigines – and the risks associated with them.

Mr Hamilton-Smith compared the Nunga Loans product to the subprime loans in the U.S. that sparked an economic meltdown.

He said loans above a property’s value were approved to high credit risk customers “augmented by additional loans to pay for credit card and hire purchase debts”.

But Mr Foley said: “We have done that for white fellas too.”

“When you want to make an opportunity, when you want to get into the headlines, you will kick a black,” Mr Foley said.

Amid uproar in the House, Mr Hamilton-Smith demanded the remarks be withdrawn.

“I object to being called a racist through asking a simple question in Parliament,” he said.

Mr Foley later withdrew his remarks, but not before accusing the Opposition of “racism politics”.

Last night, a spokesman for Mr Foley said since the Nunga Loan scheme had started in April, 2004, there had been $44.9 million of loans approved and $260,000 in debt written off.

The policies of the Australian government are just like most once White nations, and South Australia’s state parliament is no different. To even question racist policies in favour of non-Whites is enough to have you denounced as a neo-Nazi, anti-Semite, Aboriginal hating racist – but you get used to it.

While it’s true there is a similar housing loan scheme for low income earning and pension reliant White people, their finance scheme is not “augmented by additional loans to pay for credit card and hire purchase debts”. The additional loans are for Australia’s indigenous people only.