Rat-infested Indian food shop shut down

Chloe Ward: Standard Messenger | October 8, 2008


A RAT-infested Prospect food shop traded for nine months without the knowledge of either health authorities or the local council before it was forced to close in July.

The contaminated food collected from the Indian Warehouse, on Prospect Rd, was enough to fill a six cubic metre container, according to the Eastern Health Authority (EHA).

The case only discovered by chance has exposed major flaws in the way food outlets come under official notice for health breaches.

An EHA official driving on Prospect Rd for an unrelated inspection saw the Indian Warehouse was trading but was not included on his compulsory register of food retailers. The business was registered with Prospect Council as a warehouse, which meant it was not allowed to sell directly to the public.

EHA inspections later revealed an infestation of rats and pigeons.

“Rodents were observed on multiple occasions and packaged food on display for sale was damaged (probably due to rodents),” according to the inspection report.

“Food was littered with rodent droppings and extensive evidence of soiling through urination was observed.

“Additionally, pigeons were able to freely enter the premises and food was found to be infested with a packaged food pest, most likely Indian meal moth.” The business, which had been operating for nine months, was served with a rare prohibition order on July 16, demanding it cease trading. [more …]

And people accuse me of being racist for refusing to eat or purchase food from Asian stores? While there are valid reasons to call me racist, my dislike of Asian food stores is not one of them. If you wish to risk your and your family’s health by eating contaminated food, then be my guest. I’m always happy to see one less idiot in the world. Rat-infested Indian food shop shut down