Adelaide’s Gangsters Must Go

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Doug Robertson – SA Police Reporter
The Adelaide Advertiser (South Australia) | October 06, 2008,22606,24451792-5006301,00.html

GUN-WIELDING “gangsters” are making the city unsafe and their haunts must be shut down immediately, Adelaide Lord Mayor Michael Harbison says.

Gangster - Crime City

Excerpt: In the wake of yesterday’s dramatic early morning shooting in Gouger St where a person was wounded and a bystander injured, Mr Harbison has challenged the State Government to institute the “clean-up”.

While Mr Harbison wants businesses to bring back a feeling of community safety, political leaders called for a greater police presence on the beat.

The following comment was left on the original article’s comments page.

The state government needs to crack down on the real criminals rather than waste time and resources on the bogeymen of outlaw motorcycle clubs – aka “bikie gangs.” As many people have already said, tougher gun laws do not effect the criminal elements of society. Only consistant police action against actual criminals can hope to make a dent in what is an already out of control situation. Without a drastic change in state government policy, Adelaide as we know it is doomed.

Cailen Cambeul,
Oaklands Park, SA.