SA: Police Concerned by Rising Levels of Violence in the Sudanese Community

Yesterday, two Sudanese gangs came to blows in the centre of Adelaide with one of the gang members being chased and brutally hacked to death with a butcher’s knife. The media and the government are currently trying to cover up Sudanese gang related crime and violence, describing this – the latest death – as two friends having a bit of a tiff.

The extract below from the main article contains what I consider to be the pertinent information. Following the links to the original article you will find what I believe to be a total white-wash of the facts by turning the dead Sudanese gang member into a peaceful, loving boy, who spent his life avoiding crime and violence, only to be murdered when the Angel of the Lord in the guise of Australia had given him that freedom from violence that he so craved and the chance to succeed in life. What a crock of shit.

Now, read on.


Knife bought just before killing

By Doug Robertson, Michael McGuire, Ken McGregor
The Advertiser | November 14, 2008,22606,24641248-5006301,00.html

THE knife believed to have been used to stab Daniel Thongjang Awak was bought from a city store just minutes before the Sudanese schoolboy was killed.

A teenager of African appearance bought a 15cm knife from a store at 3.33pm on Wednesday, a shop owner told The Advertiser yesterday.

It is understood police have interviewed the shop owner, indicating it was the weapon used to stab the Sudanese teenager. Police last night would neither confirm nor deny this.

Daniel, 14, died from a stab wound to the heart on the footpath outside Fleet Steet Newsagency, near Grenfell St, about 3.50pm – about 17 minutes after the knife was bought.

Police said about 15 Sudanese youths started fighting in City Cross Arcade at 3.40pm. The fight continued on Grenfell St and then across the road and into the newsagency, about 30m from the road.

Daniel’s death has also raised the issue of how Australia copes with an influx of people from a background that is as soaked in violence as Sudan’s.

Around 1500 Sudanese people have arrived in South Australia in the past decade, fleeing the violence in their homeland.

Police have arrested a Park Holme boy, 16, and charged him with aggravated assault and resisting arrest. A second youth who was stabbed in the leg during the fight remains in a serious but stable condition in Royal Adelaide Hospital.

A murder charge has not yet been laid but police said yesterday they had identified all the key figures in the incident.

Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Burns yesterday said police were concerned by rising levels of violence in the Sudanese community. In the past 16 months, Sudanese people had been involved in 450 offences, resulting in 258 arrests. “This is double the level of offending for the population of the state,” he said.

“They come from a culture which has had serious warfare, some have been child soldiers, and they don’t have the conflict-resolution skills that others who have grown up in Australia have, and as a result we have seen an increase in crime.” [more …]