Lebanese & Somalians Plan Terror Attack on Australian Military Base

They might be Australian “Citizens,” but they have no respect for this country. They are Black, Middle Eastern, Arab, African, Asian and Muslim, and have a simmering hatred for the White inhabitants of this great Southern land. i.e. You and I.

BTW, the target of the proposed terrorist attack was to be Holsworthy barracks. A place I have both lived as a civilian (albeit an Army Brat) and worked as a soldier. [Wikipedia] If I went to school with you as a kid at Holsworthy High School – do not contact me. It’s a part of my life I would rather forget.


Holsworthy barracks ‘was target’ of Melbourne terror suspects
Michelle Draper, Melissa Jenkins: The Advertiser | August 5, 2009

JOINT counter terrorism raids, the result of a seven-month surveillance operation, has led to four arrests, Australian Federal Police acting Chief Commissioner Tony Negus said today.

Terrorists were planning a suicide mission involving semi-automatic weapons on an Australian miliary [sic] base, he said.

The four people arrested, all Australian citizens, are being interviewed and several others are assisting with inquiries. [more…]