Another Hypocritical Article about Creativity from the MSM

If the sheet fits wear it: white supremacy is, like, so passe

Tory Shepherd: The Punch | July 30, 2009

WHITE supremacy is so yesterday, don’t you think?

But the skinheads are using a modern medium for their oh-so-1950s messages. And, as with so much online, it’s a rare chance to see inside a different world. A strangely amusing world.

I came across a couple of sites by accident, and before I knew it I was Googling around checking out the rantings of racists. With each new site, I was mentally preparing myself to be outraged, appalled. Filled with a towering sense of injustice.

But the white supremacist websites don’t produce that reaction. They’re a bit sad, generally amateurish, and just a bit funny.

In South Australia there’s a guy called Reverend Cailen Cambeul (he calls himself “the racist formerly known as Colin Campbell” and has a bit of a chequered history).

He runs “The Church of Creativity” down here –  its catchcry is “Creativity South Australia: For a Whiter and Brighter World”.

They’re the Napisan of race relations, with a mission statement that sounds like housewifey cheese.  

The Reverend is full of other gems such as:

“It is time White people awaken to reality and realise that doing what is best for the White race is best for themselves – it is a virtue. And doing what is bad for the White race is their own deathknell – it is a sin … Does that make me a racist … Does that make me a hater? If you knew me you’d find I hate most people. It’s just that I give White people a chance before I decide that I hate them… Wake Up Whitey!”

I’ll pause here just to say that I can see that this is offensive, that it would be fair to argue that I have no right to make light of these guys because I’m a pinkish blonde mongrel mix of mainly Euro descent. But I feel very strongly that these are not the guys we need to worry about.

Have a look through the forums, where there are rambling discussions of mixed marriages, immigration, multiculturalism, Jewish conspiracy theories, etc.  The members are predominantly men, predominantly bad at spelling, and consistently terrible at making a logical point.

They are a hodge-podge of disillusioned youth who need to get out more, definitely need to get laid, and would probably be cured of their bizarre beliefs with a bit of time or a bit of distraction.

Maybe these guys are still scary in a gonna-gun-someone-down-one-day kind of way, and the ideas are vile and reprehensible, but drifting through their websites the image that most strongly suggests itself is a pale guy with an overbite and thinning hair. Someone who got bullied at high school.

It’s the bizarre grammar that tickles, and the sheer incoherence that reassures.

The Creativity mob has some power in the US, but down here it’s just a few loners looking for something to do with all their hate, and they form little insulated black bubbles of nastiness and wallow around in them for a bit.

These are not the guys responsible for sustaining racism.

Oh no.

The Ku Klux Klan, who claim to be getting about a bit in Australia, are a bit scarier. Even though they are led by people called “Imperial Wizards”, which makes me picture guys in pointy hats on Quidditch-style broomsticks. They are organised, and seem to have a core structure that could suck in recruits.

But the really, really scary buggers are the slick, sly ones trotting out well-rehearsed arguments about limiting immigration and stopping the formation of ghettoes and talking about floods of boat people coming.

In the same way that it’s no longer Creationism you have to worry about, it’s Intelligent Design with its overlay of pseudo-scientific waffle, it’s when they start to get smart that we need to take notice.

I thought One Nation was pretty funny and nothing to worry about until I started hearing people say Pauline Hanson “sort of“  had a point.

Then you started to hear John Howard’s dog whistling, and before you knew it tolerance was taking a backwards step.

That’s why Australia needs to tune its ears to the dog whistles and remember that just because savvy people in business suits seem more evolved and make a bit more sense does not mean they’re not racist. They may look like creatures of the new century but their roots are firmly in the shameful past.

Obviously Ms Tory Shepherd is little more than a university trained Marxist of the worst kind. Her world view – when looked at from the outside – is rather stunted, in that if you are White and did not go to university (like most Marxists, Ms Shepherd unintentionally expresses a fear of the uneducated proletariat/peasant/average Australian that her kind profess to be so in tune with and speak for), do not bow to her political, religious and racial beliefs that White people are to blame for all the ills of this world, then you too are a “white supremacist.” On the contrary; the ills of this world are caused by those such as Ms Shepherd. i.e., The manipulative, lying, ideologically driven, self hating Marxists who inhabit mainstream media (MSM) and the controlling political parties.

Ms Shepherd has absolutely no idea how to deal with people like us, without resorting to type. i.e. She has found that much of what we say makes a lot of sense to her, and rather than look the fool in attacking logical and well thought out political, racial and religious concepts, she has chosen to use smear words, catch phrases and rely on public misconceptions based on Jerry Springer and Hollywood. Notably Russell Crowe’s portrayal of the fictional, violent and delusional neo-Nazi youth that haunts what were once White working class suburbs, and the berobed, buck-toothed Kluxer, prowling the countryside clutching his shotgun and his noose, looking for “dem dare Negras.”

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To begin with, we are Creators, not skinheads. Nor do we associate with or follow the habits or beliefs of the Ku Klux Klan. While there are both good and bad within the skinhead scene. It is just that, a scene – a fad. Creators can not be categorised as skinheads, any more than they can be categorised as factory workers, bikers, footballers, soldiers or for that matter, university trained certified practising accountants. As for the KKK, we Creators believe it to be a corral that keeps hobbyists and what would be hardcore activists in the comedy extreme, where they can be of no harm to multiCULTural/multiracial society. While we don’t particularly care about the hobbyists, it is a shame that potentially successful activists are corralled within the KKK.

We Creators are not “white supremacists.” According to Wikipedia, a White supremacist believes “that a particular race, religion, gender, species, belief system or culture is superior to others and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not. …” While we do accept that White people are intellectually superior to the other races, it does not mean we want to lord it over non-Whites in a world where Whites are the ruling caste and non-Whites are the lower, slave caste. We consider ourselves to be White Racial Loyalists, or White separatists, who simply do not want to live and breed with the other races of this planet. If we had our way, we’d ship them back to where they came from and forever cease to interfere with their culture and society. If they are capable of surviving without the benevolent hand of the White man acting as both safety net and all-round provider, then good for them.

Creativity in Australia does not consist of “just a few” youthful “loners looking for something to do with all their hate.” We are of all ages and we are more than you will ever know. It only makes sense that our people choose to shun publicity, as those who are common labourers run the risk of being outed as racists and having their employment terminated; never mind the doctors, lawyers and other business professionals who risk losing their livelihood because of people like Ms Shepherd who delight in exposing Nazis under the bed, while at the same time defending the failed concept of multiculturalism and the inherent segregation it creates within once homogeneous communities.

As for my supposed “chequered past.” Come on Ms Shepherd, can you not do better than that? You hint that I have a criminal background, yet as you have probably found, I do not have a criminal history available for you to bandy about, so you insinuate that I’m a shady character that fits into the tabloid you have already laid out before the most gullible of your readers.

Considering that Ms Shepherd has attempted to blend Creativity, skinheads, the KKK, Pauline Hanson and John Howard in one massive – but now expected – smear, it is good to see that at least fifty percent of the public comments [see article page] are from people who recognise the same problems in this world, that we do. Contrary to the attempts of the MSM and politicians, White people are waking up to the hypocrisy as espoused by Ms Shepherd and those of her ilk. You madam are rapidly becoming just another voice lost in the wind.

Note for those outside Australia: We now have the Australian Labour Party in control of the Federal Government. Anyone who is thought to be a supporter of the previous Liberal Government, is treated as a racist from a bygone era. Consider it this way: Liberal=Republican, Labor=Democrat, ex Prime Minister Howard=ex President Bush, and the current Prime Minister KRudd=President Obongo. To those of the inquisition, a witch is a witch is a witch. If you are not one-hundred percent pro Labor Party, pro melting-pot, pro “Sorry Day,” ad nauseum, the neo inquisitors of the 21st century will burn you.


Update: October 2009

Australian Press Council
Adjudication No. 1445 (adjudicated October 2009)

The Press Council has dismissed a complaint from Cailen Cambeul, of the self-styled Church of Creativity, South Australia, that the News Limited website, The Punch, misrepresented adherents of the church as uneducated, illiterate and prone to committing violence.

Mr Cambeul, who runs the church, complained that The Punch columnist, Tory Shepherd, insinuated that he had a criminal history, and had nullified his church’s right to be accepted as a legitimate religious body.

Ms Shepherd’s column, which appeared on July 30, 2009, was written after she explored an array of unusual religious and political websites, including the Church of Creativity. She wrote that Cambeul had “a bit of a chequered history” and that the church’s members were just “a few loners looking for something to do with all their hate”.

In a brief reply to Mr Cambeul’s complaint, The Punch said that Mr Cambeul was a self-confessed racist and that the Church of Creativity was a white supremacist organisation, not a recognised religion.

Mr Cambeul, who describes himself on his website as, “The racist formerly known as Colin Campbell”, argued that he is a white separatist, not a supremacist. However his advice to The Punch that “We do accept that White people are intellectually superior to the other races” fits most definitions of a supremacist belief.

The Council finds that the majority of The Punch’s column to which Mr Cambeul objected in fact referred to organisations other than his own. It is difficult to see how the column could void his church’s claim to religious legitimacy, nor does the description of Mr Cambeul’s career as “chequered” necessarily imply criminality.

The Council accepts that bylined columnists are free to express controversial opinions provided – as in this instance – the opinions are derived from fact.