Indian ‘Meter-reading pervert’ charged

‘Meter-reading conman’ charged

Hannah Silverman: The Advertiser | July 06, 2008,22606,23975104-2682,00.html

A MAN posing as an energy meter reader has been charged over the indecent assault of a Davoren Park woman yesterday.

Police will allege the man, 28, from Klemzig, posed as a power company meter reader to gain entry to the woman’s Westbury St home.

The man, who is of Indian appearance, allegedly “conned” his way into the victims home suggesting he was a power company meter reader who needed to enter her Westbury St home.

Once inside the man asked if anyone was home and then indecently touched her about 4.30pm.

Following the assualt police issued a warning to home owners about suspicious visitors.

“Police encourage home owners that if they are uncertain as to the validity of people presenting themselves to conduct business, to ask for proper identification,” senior constable Tim Dodds said.

Unfortunately, the over use of Indians and Asiatics as door to door utilities salesmen, and taxi drivers has led to the average White Australian over compensating in their attempts to not appear racist. This over compensation leads to far too much trust for people that – if the average Australian could understand more than two words of what they say – the typical Australian would normally tell them to “Please leave,” or better still to “F*** off!”

I believe this has led to a deliberate use of non-Whites with incomprehensible accents by the taxi and utilities companies because the average White Australian in his – or more often her fear of being accused of racism allow themselves to get ripped off on a daily basis. My personal experience of Indian and Asian taxi drivers is that on a whole their normal methods are to deliberately take twists and turns throughout the streets; stopping two to three times during a trip to consult a map book, thereby needlessly extending and raising the cost of the trip. My advice there is to pay them what they deserve – not what they demand. Take $3 off, and when they demand more, again give them what they deserve – a finger or two as you walk off. Be sure to report the driver’s behaviour to the taxi company ASAP (preferably when sober) and state your reasons for your own actions. Although it is not legitimate income – infact, it is outright theft – the taxi company will view it as loss of income and perhaps your protest will result in a change of behaviour by the non-White taxi drivers. Or better still, in their removal. With the amount of rapes of White women by non-White taxi drivers in Adelaide, I believe the removal of non-White taxi drivers would be by far the preferable course of action.

As we have seen in the main article, when it comes to utilities workers or salesmen, things are not much different. Again I have had years of personal experience with Asiatics and Indians coming to my home and claiming, “I am with your gas company. Can I come in?” Typically enough, none of them were with my gas company, so I usually said variations of, “No you’re not. F*** off you Paki bastard!” It still goes on with the current apartment which I have lived in for some years now and does not have gas at all. Fortunately I have enough built in security to be aware of unwelcome visitors prior to opening the door. Usually by the time they are finished with me, they do not stay in the building and avoid any attempts to contact my neighbours.

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I wonder why I no longer get any visits from the Mormons?

The point of this rant is that oportunist employers such as the utilities and taxi companies are making use of White Australia’s gullibility when it comes to anyone or anything that looks and sounds foreign to them. This is a breach of trust on the part of the companies, and imported non-Whites have learned to make use of for their own perverted pleasures.

White Australia, wake up!