Hospital removes crosses from chapel

News Limited | April 08, 2009,23599,25309064-29277,00.html?from=public_rss

CRUCIFIXES, Bibles and all other Christian symbols have been banned from a hospital’s chapel when it is not being used for a church service.

The Mosman Daily has learnt that Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney has bes been ordered to remove Christian content by New South Wales bureaucrats to avoid offending Muslims, Hindus or other non-Christian believers who may want to pray in the chapel.

Hospital staff say that while the chapel was built for Christians, they now want the chapel to be completely non-denominational.

An inspection of the chapel last week by the Daily found no trace of a crucifix or any other religious symbol inside the chapel.

The Daily has been told that church leaders must bring their own symbols to use in a service.

The chapel building also contains a separate Muslim prayer room. [more …]

I am in two frames of mind about this.

The first is that I recognise that to the Christians, their chapel was holy ground. It’s only Muslim and Jewish influences that have caused the New South Wales state government to order the removal of Christian icons from the hospital chapel. Really, if these people with their primitive religions don’t like this country, they can go back to whence they came. But then, with their standard belief of “Love thy enemy,” and Christians not having the balls to take back what is rightfully theirs, they get what they deserve.

On the other hand, never being a Christian, I’d say bulldoze the place. It’s a waste of space. Hospitals are places of science. If you want to go talk to your imaginary friends, go to the psychiatric ward where you’ll find more of your kind.

To Creators reading this. If you are ever in Mosman hospital for a period of time, take the time to give a serman or two from the White Man’s Bible. If they refuse to permit reading from our holy books, sue the bastards!