Federal Government Orders Political Indoctrination of Two Year Olds

Pre-school guidelines for activists

Susie Obrien, Daniel Wills: The Advertser | April 13, 2009


HIGH-PROFILE Labor MP Maxine McKew wants to train toddlers and pre-school children to become political activists.

She has drafted her controversial Early Years Learning Framework which, if adopted, would cover all kindergartens, childcare centres and other early childhood settings.

The guidelines would also provide the basis for the education and care of all Australian pre-schoolers and are due to be implemented in July.

Ms McKew, the woman who ousted former Prime Minister John Howard at the 2007 election, is the Parliamentary Secretary for Early Childhood Education and Child Care. She wants children to:

CONTRIBUTE in a meaningful way to reconciliation, including flying the Aboriginal flag and inviting elders to give talks.

USE “social inclusion puppets” and “persona dolls” to explore exclusion and ethical issues.

CHALLENGE and resist bias and discrimination.

TAKE action in unfair situations and learn to act when injustice occurs.

ASSESS and act on power dynamics as they get older.

The political emphasis of the guidelines has divided early learning experts.

Leading educational consultant Kathy Walker has questioned the merits of such issues being “rammed down the throats” of two, three and four-year olds.

“Although I welcome the emphasis on play-based learning, there is an air of political correctness about the document overall,” she said.

University of South Australia early childhood education expert Anne Glover said racism was a major problem in SA and steps must be taken to eradicate “negative attitudes” in early childhood.

“While some people might say this is a form of social engineering, all our activity is some kind of engineering, and it’s all political,” she said yesterday. “Children aren’t born with prejudice, they aren’t born with negative attitudes, they learn them from their environment.”

SA Association of State School Organisations director David Knuckey said members of his council had been involved in lengthy consultation sessions on the framework. He said it was critical educational values were not dictated by government bodies.

“Certainly you would want children to learn the values associated with what we would call social inclusion,” he said. “But it is important these policies, these agendas, are being driven by community ideals and not a political agenda.”

Under the $700,000 new approach to early childhood education, the goal will be to “promote children’s civic participation and nurture socially responsible citizens for a future world,” a Federal Government February 2009 briefing paper states.

There is also a strong emphasis on caring for the environment and reconciliation.

The guidelines also focus strongly on play-based learning, the importance of communication and language, the role of the family in children’s lives and social and emotional development.

Charles Sturt University Professor Jennifer Sumsion, who is leading the development of the guidelines, said last night feedback was still being received from stakeholders.

“But we do not anticipate a general message change,” she said. “The feedback from the early learning sector has been very positive.”

Number 22 of 47 in the Adelaide Advertiser.

They already have the majority of sheeple responding to keywords such as, “racist” and “Nazi.” Liberal and Labor have been pushing the left-wing agenda with school children for decades. This is just the old Labor method of taking one step extra to the left to keep ahead of Liberal – who will of course maintain step with the politically correct crowd so they don’t get branded by the same old keywords. Take heed of the old saying, “Fight fire with fire,” and teach your children to respond with some keywords that actually do make sense in today’s society, “Marxist,” “totalitarian” and “reconciliation supremacists.”

Other references I could have included in the above comment are, Stalinists, Black Supremacists, Asian Supremacists, Jewish Supremacists, Islamic Supremacists, self hating Whites, feminists, homosexuals, lesbians and references to religious groups that try to enforce a left-wing agenda upon White people but refuse to allow the same for their own: Christians, Muslims and Jews.

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Yes, according to all of the groups above, little White children must feel guilty for the the imagined sins of their fathers. Not too long to go and children will be told that the only way to remove the stain of “racism” from their conscience is to report their parents for breach of Racial Vilification Law.

No, that’s already done by school teachers in feel good essays for Recon$iliation.

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I remember sitting on a bus behind some Flinders University students during the last national election. One of the girls turned to another and pointed to a harmless old lady who appeared to be in her 60’s and said that “racism will be alive and well until THAT generation of White people is killed off!” As abhorrent as that conversation was to witness, I can only surmise that we will soon be hearing the same from four, five and six year olds as they point the finger and make the same declarations aimed at their own parents.

Cailen Cambeul, Oaklands Park.