Government & RSL say, the Australian Flag is not for Ordinary People

Flag flying not for hoons

Courier Mail | January 30, 2009,,24986422-13360,00.html

THE Australian flag is a revered symbol of our nation and as such should be treated with the respect it deserves.

None of us should be ashamed to display proudly our most recognisable national symbol, but those loutish buffoons who drape themselves in the flag as an aggressive declaration of their Australianness do nothing but make fools of themselves and degrade the flag’s true meaning.


The Australian Flag symbolizes, murder, rape, stolen generation, genocide, invasion and a lot of other horrible things that your people did to ours.

Posted by: Ani Fisher of Brisbane 10:45am February 05, 2009

Ani Fisher of Brisbane says, “The Australian Flag symbolizes, blah, blah, blah, … ad nauseum.” To many White people, the Aboriginal flag represents racist violence, the demand for special privileges rather than a fair go, and it is the flag police automatically hide behind in their use of state sponsored, institutionalised racial preferences in FAVOUR of Aboriginals and a lot of other horrible things that your people DO to ours. Remember that next time you think of blaming “Whitey” for whatever your fantasy of the day is.

To the Courier Mail censors: I bet you do not have the guts to print that!

Posted by: By Cailen Cambeul of South Australia – Formerly of Brisbane 1:10pm January 26, 2010

And of course they proved me right. The above comment was rejected by the politically correct censors at the Courier Mail, as it is considered racist to take one of Australia’s indigenous people to task when they wish to talk complete and utter tripe.

Now, if you believe that it’s perfectly alright to publicly display the national flag of Australia, then do so; but don’t be surprised when your local government or police come and order you to remove your flag because they have determined it to be a symbol of hate. And don’t expect your local RSL to back you up either. As far as they are concerned, a flag mutilating Arab has more right to march at the head of an ANZAC Day parade carrying that flag, than you ever will.