Ban the Burqe!

Can you walk up to the security doors of a bank while wearing a ski mask and expect to be permitted to enter? Of course not. That would be totally ridiculous, but it is essentially what happens every day in the name of multiculturalism. In February of this year (2010), a pair of ostensibly burqe-clad Muslim women were given access to an otherwise secure French bank in Athis Mons, South of Paris. They then produced guns, and proceeded to rob the staff and customers of €4500. [more at Le Parisien]

Fortunately the French government is at least beginning to wake up. A bill has been presented in French parliament making it a criminal offence for anyone to cover their faces in public. If the bill is passed, it will make criminals out of burqe wearing Muslim women. And rightly so! After all, if a White woman was to appear in public in a Muslim nation wearing a t-shirt and shorts, she may at the best hope to be deported. In reality, the innocent White woman would be more likely to be dragged off the streets and imprisoned for an indeterminate period. That is, if the Police get to her first. On the other hand, she’s more likely to be caught up by the the wonderfully exotic Arab lifestyle, seized by devout Islamic men, brutally raped and beheaded.

And you think we are intolerant?

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, “Ban the Burqe!”