Doctor Toben Begins Prison Sentence for Denying Dogma

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Background: In 2002, a judge of the Federal Court of Australia found that Töben’s website “vilified Jewish people”, and ordered Töben to remove offensive material from his site. [Wikipedia.]

According to The Advertiser’s Court Reporter, Sean Fewster,

HOLOCAUST “revisionist” Fredrick Toben has finally been silenced and jailed for repeatedly insulting and abusing the Jewish race via the Internet. [Full story here.]

Being of German origin, Dr Toben, like all German people surviving the horrors of World War II, and their descendants, has himself been and continues to be vilified, and forced to live with consistently offensive material in his day to day life. i.e. All forms of media – historical, fictional and those purporting to be newsworthy, and government bodies have and continue to vilify the German people (and anyone else who happens to seek the truth) with a monstrosity of lies for unethical political gain. It was this vilification that caused Dr Toben and others like him (although I am not of German origin, I include myself in this), to actively seek the truth in all matters pertaining to the Jewish “Holocaust” of World War II. What he discovered has become a bitter piece of crow pie for many Jewish people and their politically correct counterparts who would rather swallow a lie, than taste an unpalatable truth.

While in Germany it is now for all intents and purposes a guaranteed prison sentence of three years if you even dare to question the Jewish “Holocaust,” here in Australia, the federal and various state government like to pretend that those that live in Australia, live in a land where every man, woman and child are treated with equal respect, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation or religion. This is in fact a lie. Australian society is divided into a multitude of uneven sections of race, sex, sexual orientation and religion, with a wall dividing those who are politically correct from those deemed politically incorrect. Those who fit in with today’s politically correct standards are on the side of the wall that grants freedom of speech and religious rights. That is where all Jews stand. Dr Toben on the other hand, is a White, heterosexual male with politically incorrect ideals of truth and honour. As such, he has no protection and is a constant target for the armies of the PC Brigade and Jewish supremacist groups such as the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

This is how it is in Australia:

  • If a respected group from the politically correct side of the wall feels offended and is unable to get its own way, they can sue the person or persons from the politically incorrect side of the wall and expect to win in any court of the land.
  • Once the politically correct have won the case, the court can then determine what it will undoubtedly claim society demands as an appropriate sentence for even harbouring inappropriate, politically incorrect thoughts – never mind speaking out or acting on those thoughts.
  • Sentence is passed. Clang! Mind your fingers.

Oh, there might be some scare tactics between the initial sentencing and eventual imprisonment, just as there was in Dr Toben’s case, but that is just a ploy to get others who themselves are not entirely enamoured of the PC Brigade to see reason and logic where there is none, and accept injustice when it ultimately triumphs – as has happened for Dr Toben.

Don’t believe me? Consider the words of Justice Jeffrey Spender as he passed sentence on Dr Toben.

“This is not a case concerning the Holocaust, or gas chambers, or the Jews.

“This case was and is about the orders of the court… and obedience to the orders of the court is not optional.”

The case did and does concern the “Holocaust,” gas chambers and Jews. For that is precisely what Dr Toben was ultimately sentenced for: Denying “Holocaust” dogma and seeking out the truth. Anything else is sheer legal bunkum.


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