Advertiser Editorial: Jail a price Toben should have to pay

While just about every mainstream media (MSM) correspondent claims that the incarceration of Doctor Frederick Toben has silenced him for good, the Editor of the Adelaide Advertiser (often in what would be deemed “hate speech” if I were to write in such a way about the Jewish community for example) claims this is not so.

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Advertiser Editorial: Jail a price Toben should have to pay
The Editor, Melvin Mansell: The Advertiser | August 15, 2009,22606,25931848-5006336,00.html

Although he does follow the MSM practice of synchronised intolerance for views that grate against the politically correct grain, the Editor of the Adelaide Advertiser, Melvin Mansell, believes that Dr Toben is anything but censored and sites as proof that almost 100,000 pages on the internet have been produced in support of Dr Toben. Whether true or not, there certainly is a tightly knit community that are manipulating the law in an attempt to silence Dr Toben, and the Editor of the Adelaide Advertiser is at the forefront of the cheer squad.

According to Mansell,

Jail is not censorship, it is a message from the community in which he seeks to live that his unfounded statements of fact are not only historically incorrect – they are offensive, unacceptable and denigrate not only the memory of the millions who had their lives snatched from them but also the daily struggle of those who survived the horror.

As perfect a definition of censorship as any that I’ve ever read.

Mansell then goes on to claim that imprisonment can only enhance Dr Toben’s appeal to what Mansell clearly thinks are a delusional minority that have been rejected by society and live in a fantasy world of make believe that does not mesh with government sanctioned beliefs cited by Mansell et al and enforced by tyrannical jurisprudence. Mansell further goes on to cite Adolf Hitler’s writing Mein Kampf whilst in prison and Nelson Mandella’s gaining support for his anti-Apartheid crusade as evidence that censorship is clearly not the case here.

Although he claims otherwise, Mansell’s article is an attempt at damage control and manipulation to convince your average, everyday Australian, that censorship of speech does not exist in Australia. While often in the same sentence, Mansell singles out those who may question official doctrine for humiliation, with an overall tone that in no uncertain terms attempts to justify why those who do question official doctrine deserve to be humiliated, ostracised and imprisoned.


The following comment was rejected by the Editor of The Advertiser.

What a piece of scum you are. If someone says something you disagree with, you lock them in prison rather than debate with them. I do not doubt that if the death sentence was still on the books, you would be demanding a public hanging. The “Holocaust” is not an incontestable “truth” because it is proven history. On the contrary. It is an incontestable “truth” because ancient war propaganda morphed into politically correct laws designed to protect minority groups from actual truth that could possibly harm their status within the community, were it to be known. Therefore, the unadulterated truth still remains to be seen. Voltaire once said, ‘Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.’ You sir, have twisted Voltaire’s words and judged a man unfit to live in your politically correct society because the questions he asks, may one day be answered in a way that does not fit your idea of utopia.

Cailen Cambeul of Oaklands Park

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