Dispersion And Polarization

We need both for survival. In issue No. 13 of “Building a Whiter and Brighter World”, I mention briefly the need for Creativity to step up its efforts for both dispersion and polarization. As I explained briefly, these two terms may seem contradictory, but they are not as far as strengthening and insuring the survival of our White Racial movement is concerned. In fact, both are highly essential if we are to build a solid worldwide structure, if we are to survive and expand. It is our determined goal to do exactly that. We are not only determined to survive, but we intend to build our movement and expand it onward to worldwide proportions. We are categorically committed to expand the Creativity creed and philosophy until it becomes the universal property of all the White peoples of this Planet Earth. Not the meek, not the Negroes, not the Jews, not the dark peoples, but our goal is that the White Race shall inherit the earth – all of It. In order to do so we must build and grow, until Creativity embraces the support and leadership of all the White peoples on all the continents. To do so we must, first of all polarize around the creed of Creativity – the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. Secondly, we must have dispersion of organizational units – nuclei of organizational activity scattered all over the world – tens of thousands of them.

In order to understand this seeming contradiction best, all we need to do is study the long and turbulent history of the Jewish race. Since this miserable but tenacious race has survived in an unbroken continuity for a longer time span than any other race, religion or nation, we would do well to study their history for the underlying characteristics that have enabled them to do so. We Creators have done just that, and more. We have not only studied their history but we have dissected their inherent structure to examine the nature of the beast. We have gone further. We have taken out those basic characteristics that contributed to their astounding success and incorporated them into our own religion – Creativity. In short, we have taken several pages out of their book and applied them to our own movement. We make this statement without any reservation or apology. If the enemy has superior weapons that have proven vastly more effective, our policy is not to shun the obvious, but instead to face reality and learn from it. One of the basic ingredients of Judaism is Racial Loyalty. We realize what a key factor this is to any race, movement or organization. Where d ...

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